Thursday, October 12, 2006

The one with all the bags..!

This post is all about the bags I've been making for the gifts, I did two of the patchwork ones , three small kids sized reversable ones, and two simple ones to put colored pencils and coloring books in them ( I am really bad with the different names for bags, they are all "bags" to me )
Plus I had three very nice and sweet members of my family who ordered three patchwork bags and one from the small size. I already finished 3 out of 4, and I'm gonna save the money I get from anything I sell in a box far away till I reach my first million..! ( maybe if you are still around by the year 3000 you will read my post about that! ) I also made one for myself with animal prints and used an old necklace that I got loong time ago from disney world and almost gave away cuz I stopped wearing it. It turned out nice with the bag.. teaches me not to throw anything, might get useful someday.
Anyways, it's near the time we travel and I still haven't gift wrapped any of my 20 something gifts.. not even got the gift wrap.. I have a lot of work to do.
Other than that our days are still the same.. and my moods are travelling waaaaay down these days with all the thinking of all the things I still have to do..! and I'm still discovering lots and lots of great blogs out there after a month of surfing. I love the net.
So that's all folks for now, wish to hear from you all.. have a nice day/week/year.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've been so busy..!

Hi it's been a very long time, i'm sure you missed me..! ( hehe I'm not even sure if anyone is reading my poor blog!) Anyways, it's ramadhan you know and we are busy with this month's activities, you know samboosa and reading quraan and Eid gifts.. which I am happy to announce that I'm almost done. Ofcourse I'm almost and not completely done because I keep being side tracked with other projects, some of which are being liked so much in my family circle that I'm selling them now..! Hopefully I want to start a hand made fabric thingies buisiness. above are some of the pin cushions I made with felt and sold all of them..! I started with wanting to make one for my first time owned pins, and grandma liked it so I gave it to her, then I made another one and mom wanted it, and so on with my aunt and cousin and great aunt and till now I don't have one to myself..! But I'm not complaining since they are selling well..! I also made some more bags, some for gifts and some for sale. pictures coming in a while inshallah. So if you are in the area and wanted one for urself, just let me know and I will home deliver ( I'm selling the bags for 100 SR just for the information )
So beside sewing my mom left to Jeddah on vacation for 10 days ( and just arrived last night) I felt soo lost without having her, you see she isn't just my mom , she is also my sister, my best friend, my shrink , my entertainer, my babysitter and the rock of my life. My daughter missed her soo much too we looked sad while she was gone and always on each other's throat..! sometimes I feel that my daughter is actually my sister and I have to babysit her..! strange feeling I know but maybe It's all because I was an only chile/kid/grownup daughter (on mom's side only I have two lovely half sisters) for soo long I'm not used to being responsible for another human being..!
So the month is almost half over, and in about two weeks we'll be leaving for Jeddah and Makkah for Eid vacation, I'm gonna miss my crafts room and internet. soo much.
So that's it for now, please keep reading and letting me know what you think of my work..:)