Sunday, May 24, 2009

A gift voucher card

I had a gift voucher that I wanted to give to my friend for her birthday, it's too late to give it in a normal birthday card, so I got this idea of making her a card with a turtle on it to show that I know the gift got to her late..

Problem is I didn't have any turtle paper, sticker or embellishment.. So I turned to the net for pictures. When I found the right one I printed 3 of them and cut and glued them together to give it a 3D effect.. ( sorry for then unfocused picture I need to start using my camera again instead of my mobile )

I did the same for a cake picture, again in 3D, then used some papers and and a plain white card to get this gift voucher holder..

I loved it so much that I am thinking of using the net more often to get clip art and cartoons to use on cards.

And what do you think of my new pink stuff? I got them from Daiso.. ( yes , again :P )

The pink sticky tape dispenser has a cutter in it for easy use, very nice idea but poorly made since every time I cut the tape I had to struggle to find the end of it to use it again. And the scissors aren't very comfy on the fingers when used for a long time . But pink is cute.. ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009


I've wanted to do the word album for so long since I sow it in many blogs . I even bought one of those word albums that comes blank waiting to be decorated , but I got the one spelling LOVE.

And like always, when I get something that I won't be able to get another of, because this was bought from Bahrain, I find it hard to use it.

So one day I was sitting there looking at an empty water bottles box when an idea hit me, why not try to make my own word album using this box?
I was bored that day so I felt happy that any kind of idea came to my mind and I started using my large alpha chips as templates , and cut the book into the 4 letters I chose, B A B Y.

It was hard to cut and the sides didn't come out well but who care it was an experiment..
After cutting them I left them for a few days cuz my hands hurt while cutting :P

Then I started decorating them by sticking both sides of each letter with patterned paper, and then punching two holes at the side for my metal thingy to hold the pages together..

It was a fun project, many pages, many embellishments and it was filled with memories since I used my daughter's baby pictures.

Of course I had to print a smaller size pictures to fit into the somehow narrow pages..

When everything was stuck into it's place I added the round metal thingy ( dunno what it's name :P ) and a few ribbons , And I got myself a cute album..

Next time if I am going to do it to sell it I will use a different kind of cardboard inshallah, something that would look more professional..

And finally I would like to leave you with another cute picture of the kids on our Friday lunch family gathering..

Mashallah so cute :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another fun day for the kids

Yesterday we took the kids ( my friend's and mine) to the indoor amusement park in Hyper Panda. Lucky for me (but not for my friend:P) her husband left the city for the weekend so when I told her I was going there with my kiddo she told me she will come too.

It's very nice to see my only kid play happily with her sister and brother-like friends, while I enjoy running behind them with my sister-like friend.. At least I am not running alone lol

All in all it was a very nice day 7amdillah, whenever mom travels (which she is doing for the weekend) I feel alone, even when everyone is around me. I guess it's hard to ask my daughter to grow up and separate from me when I am not doing that myself :P But hey shhhhhh don't tell my kid.

I am so grateful for such friends to go out with, who have three generations for our own three generations to enjoy the time with, kids, moms and grandmas. whenever we r all together each one of us have a buddy to talk with, in fact a whole loving family that think of us as family too..

I love you T family :) ( and that of course includes the R branch :P )

P.S I also went again to Daiso the Japanese store and got me more pink things, but I will not post pictures here. lool I think you all had enough pink in this blog for a while ;) But I got a new pink wallet, an isolated bag (pink polka dots) for cold or hot things, a pink waste bin and a pink polka dot hair elastic thingy. Plus a pink polka dot ribbon and a collection of pastel colored origami papers.

I love that place ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post-it notes

I saw this tutorial on youtube, it's very easy , very nice and I have no idea what am I gonna do with post it notes lol

But when you see such an easy and cute project you have to try it out..

After buying the post-it notes, cutting and scoring the card as seen in the tutorial..

Some stamping , layering and shading...

And a pen added...

I should get a smaller pen this one is only for the picture.

So what do you think? good project or useless one? I see it as cute.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Party masks

We had a party this afternoon, my kid and I..
It's crafting time again and I had to look for a fun project, which happened to me masks this time. I found a printable mask online, it was a bit elaborate and seemed hard to cut around, but we managed well, cutting through the small parts since it was already a big mask.

I printed two in one page so the kid's mask was excellent on her small face , and you can imagine how mine looked on me lol

After printing and cutting we used some children large glitter ( or should I call them sequences? I dunno ) to decorate the mask, and then we stuck some colored feathers on the top and ribbons to hold it on


And the party began... What a good exercise it is dancing on very loud Hannah Montana music..!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some more changing..

It seems like I can't stay still with my stuff in the same place for long, ever since I started having my own craft room and I keep turning my furniture around to get the best layout, the one that will help me create more and better (hopefully)

So this time after trying to do some crafting lately I discovered that having my working material scattered around the working table is making me annoyed, having to cut my train of thoughts to get a ribbon or look for buttons is something that making me think less of crafting. It might sound strange but that's me.

I decided to solve this problem by switching the places of the expedit which has the tv on it , and my fabric cabinet. It now looks like this ..

Now everything I need to work with is behind me , easily accessible and on the same level of my chair, no need to even stand up. You might say standing up is good as an exercise , it is but not while you are in a hurry to see your idea on paper before you lose it :P

So now inshallah I can get more done.

If only I can stop thinking of food...!!!
I am hungry, I just re joined the diet world system which delivers me my meals to my house. It's a good system and the food is good, but very little small portions, and like everytime I start to diet I can't seem to stop thinking of food or getting a headache.. I'm only on my second day maybe that's why I am finding it hard.. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

After school activities

When school is done I pick up my kid and her friend and drop her to her mom's work place ( which is the same as my mom's work place) sometimes we like to hang around with them, kids making all the noise they can manage after a few hours of school ( and boy do they manage well mashallah ) while grownups talk and finish their work.

We went the other day after school and work for a very nice pizza place that over looks the sea.. I love that restaurant because it's usually empty on the afternoon and the views there are great,

Plus they have a small kids playroom, which our kids didn't like as much as playing in the outdoor area watching the sea and the cats fighting over our pizza leftover pieces thrown to them by mom!!

It's nice having more than one kid with you, they tend to be busy with each other and not nag as much lol
Plus they have a good time of course :P