Tuesday, August 29, 2006

colors colors everywhere

Hi.. my mood is still way down.. actualy it's more swinging than staying in one place, sometimes up ( for a short time only ) and mostly down, dunno why I can't find a reason for it everything is great 7amdillah, and I'm even making crafty things which always help me stay in reasonably good mood.. Well maybe it's hormones or maybe I'm missing something.
Anyway, last week I went and got me a set of 10 dessert plates and a platter, all for 200 ryals! (about 50 dollars ) which is way more than I would normaly pay for this little number of plates. But I just fell in love with them I couldn't resist. The only reason that made me resist in the first place is that we don't entertain at home so it will be a waste to buy things and never use them. But who knows I might change, plus I already used the platter for some yummy colorfull cupcakes. My husband and daughter loves eating the sprinkles so much, I love the look of them together on my new plate.
It's still very hot and humis here and today I called my dad and he told me he sold the house in the UK.. I felt sad cuz I went there many times and I loved it, I wished I could say bye, well they are buying another one so I can say hello to that, oh how I wish I can go back to England again, I miss the shopping and the cold rainy weather. I miss travelling.. I miss seeing the world, I miss being 20 and carefree with no responsibility..!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi.. I'm a small felt toy, I was made by rosy not for her little daughter but for herself.. She got my pattern from a japanese craft book for mini dolls and I'm her first creation. I like my new home at the plastic flower plant she has on her desk, what I don't like is when her little girl plays with me and pull my hair which is just been glued to my head.. It was nice meeting you and hope to see you soon with more of my friends..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A baby..!

Who had a baby? my bag did..! she had a small baby bag made specialy for my daughter who kept playing with my bag so I decided to make one for her so she would stop playing with mine.. And boy did she like it..! she is proudly carrying it everywhere in the house stuffing it with small toys and pretending to go out wih it. Well I can't wait to go out with her with our matching bags.
Another news.. after trying all day yesterday to collect any bravery I have to feel excited about the makeup course, my husband took me there, but we spent an hour looking for the place and couldn't find it. The lady who I called gave me wrong direction and I tried calling her from the car she wouldn't answer ..! what a waste of energy.. but maybe it wasn't meant to be. Who knows maybe something better is waiting for me.

Oh and something else.. last night my cousin called and told me that my daughter's picture was on one of the newspaper she reads.. Apparently they took the picture from my web site ( as a matter of fact this particular picture is every where now cuz everyone love it so much they keep distributing it to any one they know, I took this picture as a greeting card for one of Ramadans) the picture is now accompanying some sort of article in the newspaper.. I wish I can sue them for copyrights but she looks soo cute in there mashallah. If you are interested is seeing the picture go to the main page of my site.
She was a year old in this picture and it took me about 8 pictures to get this cute one.. she is holding the Quran .

Well that's all for now, have a nice day.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Something different

This weekend we all did something different, my husband went to Riyadh to visit his friends, and my daughter and i spent the weekend at mom's house, it was very nice and so much like a night in with my best friends. we went shopping, alot..! and had many snaks and late night talks in bed. and I did my first bag..how cool is that? I just looooove the colors, I took the idea and the step by step toturial from a blog of a very talented lady. and it was a piece of cake, sometimes I feel like eating it..lol.
So to day I'm supposed to join a 10 day course on makeup.. I feel like I'm going to have a surgery..! It gets very scary to go out and meet new people and do new things when you are so used to sitting at home doing nothing meeting no one. But for a reason I need to do this.. Well it's actually gonna be good for many reasons I need some change..
But it's a nice bag isn't it???? isn't it?????????? isn't it???????????? I think it is..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First time

Today I made my first dress for my daughter.. It all started yesterday when we went shopping with mom, I was in a very bad mood and she thought shopping for fabric and sewing material will lift my mood up, and she was very right..! I LOVE color.. and seeing those raws of colorful fabrics and their great prices was all I needed to feel better. I got a few for myself and two for my daughter with strawberries and whinnie the pooh on them, it was soo cute how my girl kept carrying the small plastic bag with her fabrics in them all around, and today the first thing she did when she woke up was nagging me about the fabric " when are you going to make me the dress mom?? start now mom..!!" And that I did. I started the thing and finished it in five hours with lunch in between. It's a very simple pattern and I loved the felt strawberry on the front. Well it will be a play-in dress and I just hope it won't be ruined after it's first wash since I am -not- a very good dress maker..
Anyway it was fun to make.. next step will be the patchwork purse I saw on one of the blogs I like..

Sunday, August 20, 2006


My table is finished.. wooopi I'm happy, it took me alot of time to do it, and alot of burned fingers from the glue gun but it's all done now and I kind of like what it looks like.. Well I won't be doing another one ever again and maybe it won't last for a long time, but for now I like it. It works well with the rest of the room which I've been working on since we moved in here a year and a half ago , slowly but surely the room is almost complete.

I feel bored!!!!!!! I know I shouldn't with all the good things I have and the nice things I do, but I am. I feel I have nothing interesting happening in my life, I miss travelling and seeing the world, I miss having friends and doing stuff with them, I don't have anything that motivates me to live.. Don't get me wrong I'm not suicidal, I meant living as in enjoying life and wanting to wake up every morning because there is something I'm looking forward to. I need help.

Every one I know keep telling me I need a job and my daughter need kindergarten.. Maybe we do, but after almost 6 years of staying at home doing nothing the idea seems scary. Well maybe one day soon I will be able to jump into something intersting and amazing that will make me feel " wow I'm glad I'm alive..! " till then, see ya.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I can't believe it!

I can't believe how fast time runs, it feels like an hour ago I was posting here about the weekend, and here we are, another weekend.! scary..
Nothing much happened these last few days, reading blogs have taken all over my free time, I'm hooked! there are many nice things on the net to read and know about the world around us and what's happening in it ( and I'm not talking about serious stuff , only beautiful crafty cutesy stuff) I discovered that there are hundreds of pink objects all over the world! I found pink cooking gear, pink vacums and hair dryers and irons, pink BBQ grills , tvs and telephones..! God I want them all..I dream oh having a Barbie doll -like house all in pink to live in. I think that would be very interesting.. Maybe one day I can open an all-pink store where I can sell all the pink stuff I love.
Well I haven't finish much of my crafts but I re- arranged my craft room and for the whole day everytime I walk into my room I feel like I've been robbed! alot of new empty spaces I'm not yet used to it..!
Hopefuly next week will be more productive.. have a nice week.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crafty day

Today I had a very productive day.. first I finished gluing All the mosaic tiles on my table, it turned out very nice but still had some work to do before it's finished completely.

Then I started ( and finished one of the 8 eye masks I have to do and also it looks really nice. But still need some changes before I'm satisfied with the results.

Most importantly, I got really influensed by the blogs I've been readin ( here is an example of one of them if you are interested) and I already got fed up with my ugly , burned in places , mustard yellow iron board cover, So yesterday I baught a simple pink and white checked fabric and today I removed the old cover and replaced it with the pink fabric,sewing and hot gluing it to the metal board.. But the result is really good, now I almost feel like I like ironing..! All I need now is a pink iron like the one my daughter has.. :)

I think you can tell that pink is my most favourite color in the whole wide world, I'm turning everything I use into pink. The onther day I was surfing the net looking for some ideas for gifts when I came into the most adorable thing, a pink tool box.. how cute is that? I really want one since I like to use the tools all the time. plus I found a whole bunch of kitchen utensils and cooking pots and pans all in pink.. oh I really want all of them.. well maybe one day.
Till then, have a pink colored day , or dreams..

Monday, August 14, 2006

Table makeover

I love to decorate, and what I like the most is finding new looks and places for old furniture. That's why I decided to redo my console table. I first baught it from Ikea from the "as is" section. I stapled some fabric on it and used it in my bedroom before I got married as a vanity table. And then after 6 years it held the tv for a while before I started transforming it with mosaic tiles and brown robe to fit with the theme of our living room. I'm still working on it but so far it looks realy nice if I can say so myself.

Today I went to the crafts store to get some fabric and materials for the eye mask projects, and as usal I couldn't settle for just what I needed and ended with lots more. I just love shopping and when I see something in many colors I just have to have them all..! too bad for my budget.
Anyway I will post a picture of my table when I finish it inshallah. till then ,see ya.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good news to me !

I had some good news today, I had a web site maybe 3 years ago that I stopped updating right after I had my daughter, and because of some technical problems my husband decided it's best to close it. I understood his reasons , plus I stopped going there for a long time, but today he was checking it to see if it's down already or not and found out I had many visitors to my site from all over the world! He then said it's not a good idea to retire the site, and after some phone calls with a friend of his he was able to find a new host that is -hopefuly- more reliable. So my site will still be running..! Hooray..! well I might not update it anymore since I have the blog now, but it's still a hard work to let go easily. So if anyone wants to check it out it's :

So another thing, these last days I've been reading a lot of blogs, first they were scrapping blogs, but now I discovered some blogs about sewing, crocheting and many nice things with tons of great colorful pictures.. And if there was anything I just love it would be colors, and pictures.. They even made me want to sew something, maybe that's why I decided on the eye mask project..

well that's it for now, see ya.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The end of a weekend

This weekend was very nice, our friend came to visit from Jeddaha and we went with her to the movies in Bahrain. We (her and me) watched omarat yakobian ( an arabic movie) and my husband went to see Miami vice.. it was a fun and tiring day, lots of window gazing and some shopping.We were supposed to watch Love wrecked but couldn't get a good timing . I just love the movies, and it's very sad we don't have any in KSA, but don't get me started..

Anyway, today at our weekly lunch with family I sujjested we do something I read about on the net, It's a very cool idea since we r all crafty and imaginative, we are supposed to each do 7 similar thingies following a certain theme we pick each 3 months to give to all 8 family members ( females only) so at the end of the 3 months we each have similar 8 small hand-made gifts (or store-baught ones if there is someone non crafty) . It's a nice thing to make you think and create then recieve.. But truthfuly I was a bit surprised when they liked the idea of doing it.. So for the first round we chose the theme bedrooms, and I already picked my project and started trying it.. It's an eye mask that's cute and femenine with flower printed fabric and maybe feathers and bows.. I just love girly stuff.

I'm just wondering how can you make the picture comes after the written paragraph? it ends up always at the head of the post.. Very annoying.!

anyway.. see ya.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cleaning day..ughh !

Everyone who knows me know how much I HATE cleaning the house.. I know you would say who likes it? but I really hate IT! today I finally forced myself to clean the ground floor. You see we live in a two story house, before that it was an apartment, so I think I'm still not used to the idea of living in two levels. So I keep considering the first floor " our house" and the ground floor the " only- if -there- are- guest,- or- if -I- have- to " floor. It doesn't help that the kitchen is there, I dislike cooking also, mainly because of all the dishes I will have to wash afterwards. I keep my house mostly tidy, I can do that easily. It is well decorated cuz I like doing that myself. I paint, I sew ,I embelish old furniture.. but vacuming and dusting I have a problem with that..But I still do it ofcourse.. But only when I really have to..LOL.

Ok so tonight was our forth night of dominos with my uncle, it's fun having him over every now and then and playing a game that is continous. So far I have the highest score , but you know domino , it's unpredictable. We are using the larger one with a 12 instead of 6 as the highest number, and after a while it gets funny trying to count all the numbers before playing. Games are fun but I don't like them much because I'm a very bad loser.. plus I hate the tension, that's why I never played video games, they make me lose my mind. Except maybe for the chicken crossing the street old atari game which I loved but felt sorry for the chicken.

I just joined photobucket , it's for sharing pictures so I can upload my own pictures and post them here, This is the curtain I've been working on.

So I would like to thank the very nice lady who left me a comment last night, you made my day.. Or night.. And for all the rest of you out there, be as good as she was and leave me something to know I'm not talking to myself.. Well even if I was ,I still like blogging so far.

see ya.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A new day

I just started and already i skipped a day.. yesterday I was making our living room's curtain, by hand since I don't have a sewing machine..! It was a tiring job but also it was a simple yet stylish curtain. The funny thing is that it's hanging on a shower curtain rod instead of a regular curtain one so I'm enjoying my creation until it falls down or someone pulls it accidently, maybe then i will drill the walls and hang a good rod.

I just baught a new crystalbrite 19 inch new monitor ! actually it's kind of an early Eid gift from mom which i picked and already used.. wow what a difference a 4 inch upgrade makes.. I can actually see everything! And now I can work more on my scrapbooking without complaining about how hard it is to notice the details of the papers or ribbons. Not that it stopped me from scrapping.

So if you are reading my blog from the KSA you probably can't see the picture i loaded on my first post, since the site where pictures are uploaded from this blog is blocked for a reason I can't get, I'm still trying to figure out a way to upload pictures and post them here from an unblocked site, wish me luck I'm so new at this. in this post I'll try something else that might work, if it doesn't well I'll keep trying, don't give up hope on me ( notice the confidence I have that some one is actually reading my blog !!!)

So I have a request, if anyone out there is reading this even if by mistake, would you please leave me a comment so i can know? I will be forever gratefull.. :)

So that's all for now i guess.. see ya.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My very first post

This is my very first post, in my first blog. I'm happy and excited , and yet a little bit scared, don't ask why.. I think It's scary thinking that other people will be reading my thoughts and dreams and daily life routine, yet I'm curious to see if there will be anyone who will be interested enough to read about my life. So let the good times begin.. :)

I've been thinking for some time to start my own blg after reading many good ones, and hesitating after reading some not so great ones! but after all It's a matter of opinions, who's to judge what's good and what's not? anyway this blog could become my crafts window to the world after putting my website to sleep a week ago. And it could only be my place to constantly complain about how empty my life is, depends on the moos I'm in, usually i'm in a crappy mood despite the title rosy pink dreams. I guess the rosiness of my dreams lessend alot after getting over 23 , and starting to live in the real world with the real responsibilities, after living so long with the motto ( It's all about me!)

well I think if you are still reading you will discover I am somewhat complicated, part kid and part old lady.. very old one. so that's all for now, I'll write when I feel like Writing, this could mean more than once a day, or once a month, again depending on my moods..