Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I need my rosy glasses

Because I'm feeling down..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new project

I made my first apron. I got the pattern from my cousin , used fabric I already got and I ended up with a nice apron that I didn't really like! maybe it's the wrong color? or the wrong style? I don't know I might end up giving it to someone else who might like it, anyone there?
the apron is modeled by my great husband in our tiny kitchen, thanks sweety.

So it's almost the weekend, again. it keeps coming fast and going faster, with nothing "new" to do but lot's of nice ordinary things like family visits and shopping. I need to do something interesting.. I NEED TO! well if anyone have any suggestion then be my guest. I thought after buying the guitar I would be happier, but it turns out my wish was to "own" a guitar not play it, what a shame..!
I still have many home related projects to do, and I don't know what's stopping me, except being lazy , and the relatively cold weather. And me being a moody lazy lady..!
Well that's it for now I still have many things to do .

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crocheting my time away..

For some time now it's been planned that once every week (sometimes more) we would go to my cousin's house with my other cousin and us women would stay together while the 4 kids ( ages 3 and less) would play and the husbands play sony playstation in the other room. It is a great chance for us to talk crafts and kids and homes but with all the kids screaming, and us screaming at them it can gets a bit tense, and I tend to eat and over eat when I'm tense, So I decided to do something else that would take my tension over the noise, crochet. The first time it was only to occupy my hands while I talk with the ladies, so I ended up doing something round and funny looking since I'm no expert and I wasn't following a chart. I finished it when I came back home and it looked like something nice, similar to a hat! so I decided to call it a hat. It is being modeled here by my always-ready-to-help three years old.
Now I'm working on something big! I got the idea from some nice blogs on the net, a rippled blanket. It's addictive and time consuming but really nice, I take it with me everywhere working on it even in the car while waiting for my husband to get something! well maybe I will post a picture once it's done.. If it's done.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Do you think I need more?

I kept all my threads in a plastic jar, and every time I finish a white or black thread I go buy more and come back home with other colors in case .. So one day I decided to sort my threads and I found out how much I got from each color..! Much more than I need. But who can blame me, I can't resist colors in anything, you should see my embroidery floss, or my crafts paints, or my fabrics, or my cards and papers .... Need I say more? I need therapy!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mom's birthday

Was on Thursday, we had a very nice day that started with lunch at Roma ( sadly the restaurant not the city!) then she spend the afternoon with us before we headed to my uncle's house for dinner. She enjoyed her gifts and I was pleased. I gave her a bag/box filled with different thing all with the theme of pamper your self-roses-butterflies stuff. And I helped my daughter to make her a small heart shaped soap with a golden string in the smallest pink paper bag. I got the kit to make these soaps even before I got pregnant with my girl, and for a long time refused to even let her play with it ( I got the kit for me even though it was for little girls because I liked the cuteness of the pink and green molds ) Mom was soo happy with her crafty gift and my girl was happy doing one for her grandma and another for herself, and I was happy for finally using the kit.

I also made mom a bag the shape she likes the most, a rounded sides bag, it got smaller than I wished for but she liked it, maybe moms always like whatever their kids do , because I felt it wasn't very good. But I never really liked things I do anyway.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A visit to my elemetary school

After 19 years this was my first visit to my old school, everything seemed familiar yet strange, I was looking at things through grown up eyes, it was a great experience since I had some of my happiest childhood memories there. They were having a charity kids thing with lots of games and activities, I took my daughter and went with mom, who was reliving the past when she used to take me there when I was almost my daughter's age. We had lots of fun.

On the craft side, I finished some of the many many many home projects I have to do, like these cushion covers for the living room. and some other bags which can't seem to work well! I have no idea why. I have to think of a birthday present for mom. any idea??

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My new baby..

Once before I got married, I was in England in my dad's house feeling bored ( imagine that!!) I decided to write a list of the things I wish to do in my life, small and big. So after a while I ended up with a list of 98 things I wish for..! why not 100? I don't really now. So through the seven years that followed I tried doing things from my wish list whenever I have the chance, and this new baby was in the list. I always wished to play the guitar since I love Spanish songs, and I just had to one right now ( when life is a mess do something different!) so I don't have anyone to teach me, I will try teaching myself through cd's and the internet, my aim is to be able to play " hotel California" one day.. yeah I know that's why I have 98 wishes I dream a lot!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Have you had enough?

I sure haven't.. I'm having a great time with bag making, and hopefully I will make lots and lots of them before I move on to the next thing I can't have enough of!
News? well nothing really except that I'm trying for the millionth time to have some plans to get my life in order, wish me luck.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What time is it?

It's time for paper crafts, again. I've been a scrapbookaholic for some time, I collected many many many paper, stickers , scissors and anything I can find, and I only finished a few pages . I think I enjoy collecting more than doing. So after a while I got bored a bit and I changed my interests to sewing and fabrics, and of course I have many many many of that and still buying..! But two weeks ago I went with mom and a friend to the scrapbook shop I love in Bahrain to show it to them, and I ended up buying another book of papers..! this time I told myself that I did that because I found in it blue and pink papers that works well with my room , so I had to have a project fast with these papers. I had that clock for 6 years and I got it from Ikea, it's originally silver colored metal, I used it in the old house with fake sunflowers all around and now in this room it's decoupaged with my lovely papers. I love how it turned out, and hopefully I will use the rest of my stack of patterned paper. Anyone want to share?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Bags and curtains

Twin black and white bags for my aunt, one pink and black bag for me.. yaaay I loove this bag, the pink and black together make it look yummy I wanna eat it..!
So now I'm working on another one for a friend, she left the colors for me to choose and believe me it's been very hard to decide, I loved many combinations but I kept fearing she wouldn't like them, I finaly chose a brown and blue combination and I kind of like it so far. Hope that she does too.
The curtains of my craft room was finished since last weekend, and I just love the result, the light flows inside the room and I can see the streets and cars when I open them, it was a nice project made of two twin sheets , left over fabric from my before marriage room, and scraps of my current favourite fabrics and color combination of pinks and blues.
Oh yah and I forgot to wish every one a happy Eid,and a happynew year, may this year be better and happier to everyone.