Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new project

I made my first apron. I got the pattern from my cousin , used fabric I already got and I ended up with a nice apron that I didn't really like! maybe it's the wrong color? or the wrong style? I don't know I might end up giving it to someone else who might like it, anyone there?
the apron is modeled by my great husband in our tiny kitchen, thanks sweety.

So it's almost the weekend, again. it keeps coming fast and going faster, with nothing "new" to do but lot's of nice ordinary things like family visits and shopping. I need to do something interesting.. I NEED TO! well if anyone have any suggestion then be my guest. I thought after buying the guitar I would be happier, but it turns out my wish was to "own" a guitar not play it, what a shame..!
I still have many home related projects to do, and I don't know what's stopping me, except being lazy , and the relatively cold weather. And me being a moody lazy lady..!
Well that's it for now I still have many things to do .

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