Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I don't usually enjoy paintings , but these I liked a lot, they are all by the same artist Magritte.

This one is called the son of man I think, but I like to call it an apple a day keeps the doctor away, referring to the man in the painting..
This picture reminds me of the movie "the Thomas crown affair" which I love, it also reminds me of my husband since he liked this picture so much after watching the same movie and wanting to buy a print of it.

This one is the wife of the doctor, you have to eat grapes to keep her away.. Just kidding I have no idea what it's called but I just like the way she is dressed and the fact that her face doesn't show.

I think Magritte likes green apples don't you think? I know I do.

Hope you enjoyed my art gallery, visit again soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another day , another bag..!

Well I'm still working on the bags for Eid, this year's theme is felt .
So this is my other bag..

I still have to make two more, this is one of the other two waiting for sewing..

For those of you who asked about the ribbons, it's no secret, just go to any of the sewing supplies shops in the street behind swaiket and you will find them. Some I got from Al jeel too, they have the lovely two sizes of the many different colors.

And just a cute picture I thought of taking while preparing to download my pictures..

Have a nice day.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm addicted to buying lovely things, in all colors available..!
This time it is ribbons , polka dot ones to be exact (plus a few rik raks).

And here is the story behind this picture

So I looked for polka dot ribbons in many places here and couldn't find, so I looked online and I finally found a place that looked good and the ribbons looked yummy, so I asked my husband to order it for me, and he said maybe until he saw the ribbons.. "This is what you want?? " he said "you can find this any where here..!!"
So I was furious and told him, no you can't and if you think so please show me the places where I can get them right now..!

So it was the after noon and we were supposed to go break our fast with some friends so we had a few hours with nothing to do and he agreed to take me to downtown Khobar.

I was prepared to just tell him "see we didn't find them any where what do you know..!" when to my amazement I found seven different colors, two different shapes, all polka dotted...!
Of course I was to happy to be ashamed of challenging him and losing, after all I just got all I wanted the minute I wanted it and he was just so happy to take me if only to prove himself right..! But he is a darling mashallah, he got me what I was wishing for.
did I mention that I saved me a lot of money not ordering through the net? thanx sweety, I'll get you your Eid gift with the extra money I have now..

So this is a close up look to some of them..

I just love polka dot on everything, and I just love ribbons.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Productive day

Today while my little princess was at school (I like the sound of this) , I managed to finish my three projects that I prepared for yesterday.

These are so easy to make and fast too, I liked the idea of them and enjoyed picking fabrics for all three pieces.
They are pencil rolls.. You put the pencils in them and roll them to take every where.

The finished product wasn't exactly what I expected, because I think I've been away from the sewing machine for quite some time, it felt like it was a first time in the beginnings. But over all I think they are good.
The only thing I didn't like about them is that pencils fall sometimes from them while I move the rolls.. I don't know how this problem can be fixed.. Maybe a smaller slots?

Anyways, yesterday we broke our fasting in mom's house, and I enjoyed some yummy food only mom can make this good for my taste (I just love everything mom does) and our little girl enjoyed playing with the growing Aneesa the cat, But this time the cat wasn't as calm as she always was, she was running all over playing with yarn and tissues and jumping all over , even when my girl wanted a quiet time coloring, Aneesa wanted to join in, they looked so cute mashallah.

So, have a nice day, tonight inshallah moonface will be visiting so we can have a card making evening, I have a feeling we will have fun. c u.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Going somewhere

Finally I started moving, and have something crafty to share, I just finished two felt bags as part of the long list of my things to do before Eid.

So like I said I made two of these ones that I made before for my summer class , I liked the shapes of them and added more circles and a button for the bag's face.

Here it is being modeled by my assistant..

Plus I had three projects cut and waiting for the assembling which inshallah won't take long.. So pictures soon inshallah.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm still here

Daily life is taking over, you know how is it in Ramadan, cooking in the afternoon, sleeping very late (or very early since we sleep just before sunrise) and starting school with waking up early and earlier bed time for the little girl.

So we just started her going without me to school in the mornings, my mom picks her up and drops her there on her way to work ( both are very close) . and then depending on how it goes, I might pick her up three hours later. It was going very well with the minimum crying, and I have some free time.. What did I do with it? I spent it catching up with the house work.. And boy do I feel better knowing I'm slowly but surely doing all my chores and having a clean house. (again, slowwwwwly)

My girl didn't go to school today, she was having a start of a cold and I couldn't send her like that, but then I felt terribly and guilty like I used to always feel if I have to skip school for some reason. Her teacher called and said it was better to continue with her daily going to school so she doesn't again feel like she doesn't want to go. I felt more guilty, since all her day at home she looked reasonably good drawing and watching tv.. Maybe tomorrow inshallah I will send her there..

So nothing yet is done regarding Eid gifts, and I have a feeling that I will be going empty handed, not that my family would mind they keep telling me stop bringing gifts to everyone you don't have your own income.. But I can't they all bring pretty things. We'll see inshallah I can manage in the coming 20 days.

So hopefully the next post will contain better things to share, wish all of you happy creative days.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The clock is ticking (or so my husband says)

Nothing to say.. I just feel that I have a snow ball running behind me, soon to catch me and I can't do anything about it. Million things to think of, and more to do but I feel paralyzed in my place.
I just hope I can move soon or I will be eaten by the snowball..!

My little girl is still crying every time i attempt to leave her in the classroom, but then after some time she acts like I never was there. So I'm seriously thinking of making her go without me tomorrow to see how it goes, as long as she sees me she is a baby again, she grows up some when she is on her own, and she needs to do that. Wish me luck.

The house is a mess and I have tons of laundry, we had water trouble for the past week, with most of the days without water. Very bad.

And I still haven't figure anything for the coming Eid, no gifts, no clothes nothing.. With only 24 days before we travel I have to work hard and fast.

Did I say I have nothing to say..?? Hmmm I don't know myself well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fourth day of school

And the first with the uniform, she's sooo cute mashallah, my tiny little baby is now a school girl (kg2 girl to be exact) so I took pictures of her in the house, out the house, getting in the car, in the car, in the school and even on the way to the restaurant were we had lunch.. I'm just a proud mama mashallah ..

And to be consistent, here's the fourth day picture ..

( I can never get her hair strait, it's always crooked one side bigger than the other dunno why )

And today also was a special day for me, my very first mother-teacher meetings, I was kind of tense and scared I've always been the student never the mother, but it went well and I felt all grown up.. Sorry no pictures, it was an all women thingy ;)

Which muppet are you?

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.
Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.
Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Third day of school

This day went very well mashallah, first she woke up an hour earlier, and we were ready on time, Then she was happy in the car.

In the classroom she sat next to the teacher , and i was sitting near the door, then she went up with them and down again without me being in the room for an hour or so, before she started asking for me, but even when she did that she did it without crying mashallah. After making sure I was in the building she managed another hour until the day finished. 7amdillah the day was good.

While the kids were up I took a picture of the classroom, not fancy but the teacher is good mashallah.

At home we started preparing for Ramadan, her way..

My way..

More pictures soon inshallah.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Young artist

Well first I would like to inform everyone that 7amdillah the water is all under control, everything is dry or drying now and there was no great damage to the things in the storage area.

And for those of you interested, here's my girl's second day of school... Big difference isn't it? but she did better , a tiny teeny bit better in the classroom with the other kids while me sitting in a chair very near to her. Improvement.

So I thought I'd share with you some of my kid's artistic drawings.. Mashallah she is good we were all amazed.
That's me..( I just managed to take the picture before all the teeth she drew in my big mouth.. She said I was smiling a toothy smile, but I'm not buying that.)

Her dad..

My grandma..

My uncle..

We missed the picture of her grandmother(mom) before we thought we would take pictures .

Saturday, September 08, 2007

My day so far....!

Well first of all I would like to say that it seems that my relationship with the water supply in my house isn't going too well..

It was a little less than a year ago that we were evicted from our previous old house because it got flooded with water while were traveling to Jeddah in Eid.. And now, almost a year later after a full weekend mashallah, it is my baby's first day of kg2.. How time flies, just last night she was a baby in my arms and now, she is almost four going to school... Anyways, it was an exciting idea to both her and me and I woke up early and got ready, then I woke her up and was going to get my iron to prepare her clothes when...

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Water.. everywhere, like an amusement park with falls and rivers, only I wasn't amused...!!!! OH MY GOD not again.....

you see we have this third floor that is the laundry room, the maids room(which is now the treadmill room) and the roof, with a private stairs and an under stairs area for storage.. and all that is locked behind a door , Thanks to Allah it was..! so when I opened this door.. I found a pond of water and some bad smelling soaking wet baggage , cartons,and vacuum cleaner.. the water running over the stairs and if I wasn't shocked I would've enjoyed the sound of running water. And the wall of the main stairs that is the same wall of the private stairs had a big line stained water which was starting to drip.

So I rushed upstairs to see a bigger pond in the laundry room, and the exercise room , with no place to drain the water except from the bathroom connected to the exercise room...

What to do? I would've liked to cry but I'm a big girl, so I called my mom..!!
While she was on her way ( she was coming anyway to take us to school ) I tried my best to take everything out of the storage area into my poor room, and then tried my best with a mop to soak as much water as I can, and I'm sure you know this is useless.. but I had to do something, my girl was excited about school and asking a million question a minute, and I was half sleeping and in shock.

So when mom came , she came with towels and we just did our best to remove the water from the third floor using everything we could including these towels, we even tried pushing the water to the near bathroom , well the good news is, I have a spotless third floor which I was intending to do weeks ago..!

Just please tell me, is it jut me or my houses are always trying to tell me something??? ( maybe; please clean us more often??)

After that we went to school late but managed to meet some of the girls and the teacher which looks nice mashallah, my girl felt scared seeing all those people and knowing that one day she had to go by herself.. I felt scared too, plus I felt a strong feeling that I want to redecorate her class, maybe have something like the ones that come in Barney or something.. We'll see..

So that's it for today and it's only 11 in the afternoon.. Hope the rest of the day is good.

But you know I'm still thankful this didn't happen while we were traveling again, I'd really hate to move for the fifth time..!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Join me..

In a last- days- of summer party..

I got the food

and the napkins..

I also got something refreshing to drink..

With extra ice...

And when it's dark we can continue our time there...

If only we can do that here.. It's so darn hot..!

(thanx to the net for the pictures)

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm told that I sound like a lion in my sleep.. Maybe even an angry lion, so ok I snore who doesn't? (my guess is lots of people don't!)
So I went to this doctor to check, because I reached a point where I would wake up gasping for air, and soo tired as if I was running and not sleeping.
So the doctor checked my ear, nose, throat and neck and started writing a short story in my file while we waited .. and waited...

Then he just gave the news, of course he needs a cat scan to make sure but I need to operate .. Ok so bare with me my English is learned mostly from novels so I don't really know the right terms for what I'm going to say. Hmmm first I have a crooked air passage in my nose (does it make sense? ) so the air doesn't go in good I need to fix it. Then the ceiling of my mouth ( I'm just translating exactly what he said in Arabic) is low and needs to be heightened ( I sound like an apartment!) again in the same operation. And you know that little thing dangling in your throat that shows when you scream? (which I feel like doing now) it needs to become smaller because obviously I have a large tongue and a small neck area so air isn't going in properly. ok so add to that the fact that I need to lose TONS of weight (yeah after resisting for a long time I had to weigh there and I was stunned..!)

What does that thing inside the nose area that sometimes they remove from kids? (la7mya) well they need to reduce the size of that too..!

So the bottom line I need operation and weight loss to maybe stop the snoring, otherwise, the doctor says that because I don't get enough oxygen in my sleep I might get bad things eventually like a stroke or something.. Yikes...

But to operate again................. NO WAY!

Inshallah I won't need it. (strange thing is, after returning from the doctor I'm finding it hard to breathe.. The power of the mind..)