Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I don't usually enjoy paintings , but these I liked a lot, they are all by the same artist Magritte.

This one is called the son of man I think, but I like to call it an apple a day keeps the doctor away, referring to the man in the painting..
This picture reminds me of the movie "the Thomas crown affair" which I love, it also reminds me of my husband since he liked this picture so much after watching the same movie and wanting to buy a print of it.

This one is the wife of the doctor, you have to eat grapes to keep her away.. Just kidding I have no idea what it's called but I just like the way she is dressed and the fact that her face doesn't show.

I think Magritte likes green apples don't you think? I know I do.

Hope you enjoyed my art gallery, visit again soon.


6albah said...

It's really nice Paintings .. and of course we like a green apple :)

nice blog

real madrid said...

I think it is a bit spooky that their faces dont gave me the creeps!!..

Nzingha said...

Just stopping by to see what your blogging about. Love the crafty things your doing. I'll be checking the archives for any scrapping you have up :)