Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cake decorating

I started a course on cake decorating on Saturday, it is a two week course, 4 lessons each lesson for 3 hours. A short one but this is only the first course.

What we are learning now I already took in my last semester at college, but that was , ehem, 10 years ago and I felt I needed some refreshing to my memory.

So on Saturday I went there happy that I didnt have to bring anything with me but my enthusiasm, which I did.. the class had 11 other ladies and they all seemed nice, the instructer looked friendly and the kit they gave us made me feel excited, I love

We started by learning how to make the icing, and then using the icing bags and different piping heads ( my terms for that stuff is very wrong I'm sure :P ) then moved on to leveling the cake and splitting it in half then spreading the icing and smoothing it, which happens to be my weakness in college.. But I did great well , trying to remember I am here to have fun not to be judged and put marks to like old days.

On teusday, we had to bring our own cake and icing, unlike the first class were it was all provided for us, which was a headache just thinking of having to do it. But then in the last minutes after I made everything with hte help of my dear friend, I thought to myself, why did I make such a big deal out of it??

We learned this time how to make the starts, writing and the heart of the rose shape. Then we went on to decorate our own cakes. Mine was a baby carriage which broke while I was tranferring it, but I did a good job hiding the big cracks if i may say so myself lol

I didn't have time to finish it (it is all piped stars) and by the time I was home I was dead tired and my kid and mom had their eyes on the cake anyways, so I just left it as it is.

In general it's a nice thing to do, meeting people who enjoys the same thing you do, talking , joking and doing something creative and artistic.. I love it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I haven't done much of that lately, but I did one thing that is somehow crafty while gift wrapping our eid presents.
I had this smallish gift that needed a package, and sine I visit a lot of creative blogs such as this one, I decided to try my hands at creating a box from scratch out of some scrapbooking paper .

I got my little one a lovely gift for eid, it's a crafty princess toy where you can make different dresses from patterned paper , very nice toy...
First tracing three layers on 3 different paper from the cute pink projector, slides provided with 6 different combinations to get 6 looks

Cutting all three layers carefully

Having fun embellishing the dresses with glitter and sequins

More details of her handicraft mashallah

I let her do almost everything on her own. Mashallah she is getting good at these things, and the best part is she really enjoys crafting , just like her mommy..

I can still recall when she was very young and trying to use the scissors with her little chubby baby fingers..
Here she was 2 years and 4 months old mashallah, already an addict with crafting materials.

Planning and making her first ever scrapbook.. God I miss those days and those cute chubby cheecks..

A few months older here, nearly 3 and her choices are more colorfull in papers..

Sigh, my baby is growing up too fast mashallah...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid... wish it was here more often :)

Hi all, Hope you had a happy two day Eid so far, we had the best mashallah.. It was a great eid this year, I felt great and happy and calm and enjoyed every minute of my days 7amdilla.

So of course we started with the decoration and gift wrapping.. Not very elaborate but still festive.

The morning of Eid the men of the family came for breakfast and we opened the gifts , who could sleep during the night when there r many gifts to be opened just hours away? not a certain little one.. :)

At night the whole family came to our house for dinner, more gift opening and a lot of fun for both kids and adults..

Posing for the cameras..

Playing secret games..

Having screamy fun with the papr shreds pops we had..

Squoshed by my side to watch pictures on the electronic frame mom got for eid..

Playing with real life farmville toy.. ( we are an addicted family to farmville :P )

Same for the second day..

Dancing around..

I got a few great gifts, and a bit of money ;) but these two are the most I wanna share, one is very cute and unexpected (from mommy dearest )

The other is very usefull, fun and awaited by my great aunty and cousins ( I asked for it in my wishlist )

Thanks you all, love you :X:X:X:X

In a few words, Thanks Allah for this Eid, it was - and still is - a great time for all of us .

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid mubarak... :)

Happy Eid everyone, may you and your loved ones be in health and happiness always..

It was a very nice day,pictures and details later inshallah, I am dead tired.. :P
wish u had a nice day..

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back home

Hi all, I'm baaaack..:P
Well it was a very nice vacation mashallah, mostly family and friends visits which I missed for almost two years since I last was in Jeddah.. Ofcourse that was after the kiddo was done from her chicken pox..!

We didn't do much beside those visits but what's there to see other than malls ans restaurants? Khobar is already filled and that's all we can do in our daily life anyways lol.

The little one had so much fun mashallah staying at grandpa's house, seeing her lovely aunty and playing with many cousin's and friends.

I had a great time visiting two of my friend's shops... Actually one is a bridal shop that is so cute mashallah, the other is a art center to teach painting and crafts classes.. I just loved the work my friend did on her place mashallah, I feel jealous.. good jealous :P

I'll leave u with some pictures.. Have a very nice day.

On our way there, keeping herself busy in the airplane.

Avery nice looking , and yummy cake my friend got us one day..

On our way back, a very bored kid kept playing with all thee bags she could get from the seats around us , she made a small shop selling bags and books and imaginery

Anice view from my window.. I just love the looks of clouds and sky from up there.

Doesn't this cloud look like snoopy???