Thursday, December 24, 2009

Loooooong time...

Since I was last here.. How time flies.

Nearly a month has gone and I am still without crafting , I guess my craftiness doesn't wanna join me anytime soon, but I am managing to declutter my rooms and my life in general from un-needed things and hopefully that will help me .

We have a new family member now, snowflake my friend's cat.. Sadly my friend traveled to London with her family for 3 years , I will miss her but she gave me her cat and it reminds me of her.. Mashallah he is huge..! but everyone in the house love him and the kiddo enjoys playing with him a lot.

Mom is on vacation to England, and we miss her terribly.. Love u mom nothing is the same without u... :(

Oh I don't remember if i wrote this before but I got a new computer from my uncle in Eid and it is great mashallah..:)

I leave u with a pic of how I found my girl sleeping one night while watching cartoons.. cuteeee mashalla
And yes , that's a huge Tatty Teddy she is cuddling.. :D

So that's all for now, hopefully I won't be away for that long again .