Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Ramadhan

May this months brings everyone peace and happiness and many 7asanat.. ( this is a picture I took for my daughter when she was a year old as a ramadhan greeting.. and it's one of the set of pictures that someone took and posted on a newspaper last month)

Monday, September 18, 2006

A messy room..!

Look what a few hours of play by three active kids(mashallah) can do to a room.. This picture is of my daughter's room ( almost three) after a play day with her cousins ( two boys , three and one year old) , actualy I can't call what they were doing "play" mashallah they were shouting, running, fighting with kids broom "swords", hitting each other with books ( soft ones ofcourse ) and jumping all over the furniture..! And us poor mom's? we were screaming, threatening, picking up harmfull stuff or falling kids all over the place. But can you imagine me saying it was nice? actually just a few days back all the kids were having colds and very pathetic looking, so maybe seeing them active ( or hyperactive ) is better than seeing them sit in one place doing nothing wanting nothing . Besides I had a chance to talk crafts with the kid's mom ( who is actually my cousin's wife) and had a better than time handling active kids than being alone with one.

In another area, without kid's play I can't take a picture of my crafts room..! it's soo messy and filled with stuff I'm working on right now for the Eid gifts. And I got myself more fabrics and felts and just can't put them away in the closet, I enjoy the way they look together.
Oh yah, and I broke the nail of mom's sewing mashine while trying to sew the handles of a bag.
Well that's my news for now.. what's yours??

Monday, September 11, 2006

A t-shirt and a horrible headache.

I'm having the headache, and one of my cousin will be having the T-shirt on Eid inshallah. What do u think? I just baught it today plain and then I added the fabric and felt flowers and the stiching, I think it's cute but is it enough as a gift? I hope so. I got three more with different fabrics for each. I just love fabrics, and I love the fact that I'm using what I'm buying.

Today I went to another discounted home store, and I didn't find much that I like, but I found some nice cream colored with darker cream flowers print plates, I just loved them and I'm thinking of changing my whole plates to match. I have three different sets, one for two persons, one for three( I accidently smashed a plate while cleaning it) and the third for 8. I want to replace all of them with a matching cream colored set for 12 in case I had company ( which is as rare as rain in this city !) well maybe after all the months of ramadhan and eid are finished .

My husband is having cold, and looks like we are getting too, actually every one around is having a cold, I think it's cuz of the seasons changing, although it is still hot and humid in here.
That's all for now my head hurts!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nothing new!

As usual nothing is new, or maybe there are lots of new things but still I can seem to recognise them..?
since last week I have been working on my Eid gifts, so far I finished four wallets with different color combinations (the picture above shows the outside of the wallet with each lining behind ) I am excited that everyone who sees my works like it, maybe I can do something good with that.!
The weekend was busy, on wednesday we had dinner at my uncle" s house with mom and my gradparents and my other uncle, it was very nice. On thursday my dad and step mom and baby sis( I found out she will turn 20 soon! scary I always think of her as baby sis) came to Bahrain cuz dad has a meeting, we met him there and watched cars for our daughter( who slept through half of the movie but we liked it anyway) then had lunch at chilis and spent the next three hours in the hotel lobey catching up. nice day. Friday was the official family gathering, we went shopping after that with mom and her cousin for clothes and I got a very cute pink bubblegum nail clipper ( me and pink..!)
Sturday we went shopping for anything nice we could find in a discounted place, I got a footstool that goes very well with our decor along with many little things.
So is there anything new in what you just read? or is it the same things we do all the time? maybe a mix of both considering that what I might call new has to be VERY exciting such as a sudden trip to London or finding the house of my drems or waking up to find myself someone different..!
Well until any of these things happens, I am happy with the "old" things we have.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Project finished

I finished the project of the eye mask I'm supposed to give to my family in two weeks, it was very nice working on this project although I don't like it when I have to do many pieces of the same thing. But the colors were different and I had fun choosing differnt fabrics for the front and the back of each ons. Most are monogrammed and some aren't I guess I ran out of ideas.
I'm still not sure what to do for the Eid gifts . It's hard for me to pick gifts or think of ideas. Maybe if money wasn't an object I would find it easier to give gifts. Not that we don't have enough money, but there are many to give to..!
Anyway I have to think of things fast.
It's a bit boring here , nothing new and nothing to blog about or share, our days are almost the same every day, we wake up, we eat , we craft ( I craft!) , we go out sometimes ( mostly shopping or eating out) , we watch boring tv , we work on the net ( reading blogs..I'm addicted..!) then we sleep. Nothing interesting, or healthy.. what can we do, that's life.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What we did the past two days

Another week is begening, and another week has ended. We went to Bahrain for the movies this weekend, we watched three movies in one day! well it's not the first time we did that but the funny thing is that the three movies seemed to be for one life in three different stages, meaning the first we watched ( love wrecked) was for teenagers loving each other, the second ( the break -up) was for adults living in together having problems, the third ( click) was about a family with two kids and the family life. well three stages of life. The movies were nice , we had lunch at johny rockets( which I keep calling johny bullets dunno why ) we did some shopping and alot of walking we came home exhausted. on friday my husband was having a chess tournament, he did well he still have a second day next friday.
I made myself a wallet from felt, rikrak and fabric to go with my bag, it looks a bit funny I made some mistakes with it, but hey it's my first one I'm learning things with every project, and I'm seriously thinking of making the Eid gifts myself, I should start right away Eid is only one and a half month away and I have lots of gifts to make. ( btw Eid is the muslim's holidays in case you never heard of it)
We are thinking of re painting the living/dining area on the ground floor. After we go and visit the furnishing store ( the one ) we always end up hating our house, we love color and the modern style that is a mix of colors and textures with old stuff and some ethnic accecories. This particular store makes us want to change our decor everytime we go there, it's all us.. our style with a price tag that's not ours!! but we like to go there for inspiration, and this time we are inspired we should re paint, buy new sofas and chairs, and maybe live somewhere else..! no really we love our home but the colors could need some changing. maybe one of these days after the months of ramadhan and eid are finished with all the travelling and visiting we'll be doing.