Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Altering clipboard

I saw this project in many blogs .. So many that I felt I really want to try it , even though I have no use for a clipboard. But I remembered my friend saying she want to get one for her gym visits, so I thought if it turned out well I can always give it to her ;)

While I was last in Bahrain visiting my favorite place, the scarpbooking store, I found this little thing..

It was unfinished of course, and cost around 25 ryals... I found it expensive but I wanted to try this project at any cost.. Funny thing is , when I went to the Japanese shop last Friday I found it there for 6 ryals...Imagine that.. But at least I know now where to find it if I need more :P

So the first thing I did was trying to make some sort of a template to cut my paper with

Then the best - and hardest- part is chosing my papers. I have many options some times it make me stuck lol

Some gluing and lots of dissapointment over the results not being what I imagined them to be , and I got this...


So what do you think? Should I give to my friend or just stick it in one of the most forgotten corners of my room??

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Circle of love..

This Friday we went to the weekly lunch after a few weeks of not going. It was a very lovely lunch, kids and grownup alike had a great time..
Kids had an emotional moment, a group hug that is oh so cute mashallah, may they stay loving and caring to each other for all their lives..

Noticed the youngster in the middle? cuuuuuute mashallah.

After lunch we decided to go to the Japanese shop Daiso, it was a nice outing all the cousins with no kids shopping and taking our time, and we did.. An hour and half spent in one small shop filled with goodies we didn't know how to

I got some cute pink stuff, most of which are not needed as usual but who cares, they r pink!!
Ok these are only part of what I got , I forgot to take pictures of the rest..
This one was without the flowers, I just thought they looked good in there.

Those will look great with my all pink dishes, which I got last eid from mom as a gift and didn't use yet.. One day inshallah, in my own home.. :P

Some kind of decoration in a pattern I saw a lot on the net and loved so much, not all pink but with pink roses..

Stickers, a small pouch , a reusable shopping bag (inside the matching wallet-like thingy) , an eyelet pliers.. All in pink ( plus tiny containers for lotions and so I got to give as part of a gift)

Tweezers, eye pencil sharpener and a nail clipper, again in the most gorgeous color ever, pink

What do u think? I just need to get the coffee thermos in pink polka dots my aunty saw and didn't get me :P for the one day home lol
No I am not expecting any new home, a girl can dream, can't she? ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little card

Can you believe that such a mess...

Can produce this little card? ( lighting sucks, colors are not shown in the right way, but u get the general idea )

Either I am out of touch , or I have too many products I have to take them all out to remember them..
But as always it was very soothing and satisfying to work with my treasure.
The tiny pictures in the round cards are all stamped and colored then cut into circles.

My mom's friend just had a new grandchild, a girl. I haven't seen her yet but this card will be for the mother, along with a gift I am yet to get.. Pictures later inshallah.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Something cute

I have been reading lately in some new blogs, there are many creative ladies out there, wow mashallah it is a joy reading about their work..

And I happened to see some how-to videos on youtube working with paper crafts.. So good they made me wanna get my own papers out and do something, so I started with this little thing

What do you think of my purse? it opens so you can put something small in it, and had wire and bead handles , I can't remember where did I get the template from though, I tend to go around saving anything I like without remembering their source.. Sorry about that .

And it is small and cute, look at my kid modeling it ( ignore her messy look she was just jumping on the bed shouting like crazy when I started taking the pictures and insisted she wanna model for me :P )

I'm thinking how cute can these look with a piece of chocolate in them for a birthday party or something..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What do you think??

Do you like / dislike/ didn't notice / don't care about, the new blog look?

I just was a bit bored of the older look, couldn't change the pink color under the header, but over all I think it looks a lot cozier now lol

So welcome my friends, kick off your shoes, make yourself at home and enjoy your visit :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not a scrap wasted...

Another weekend has passed quickly, not that it matters to me actually since all my days are weekend-like..

So after I gathered all the felt I had before buying the new ones, I found out that I had a lot of little scraps that I couldn't find it in my heart to throw after a project, which is great except for the fact that it takes a lot of space and doesn't look tidy no matter how I try to fold them.

The solution? Using my sizzix machine to create smaller , more usable things..

Daisies and ferns, in many different colors , ready to be used in any kind of projects, so much fun to play with by the little one too ;)

Even after all that I found leftovers big enough to cut circles in a size of a small coin from, good when cut more to use as small flowers.. Or just as is.

Now I have it all stored somewhere looking tempting to use..

In the weekend I watched one of the many movies I had unwatched, waiting for a good chance and a good mood for them, It was called " the house bunny" and it was a really cute and funny movie , in a girly way..Liked it.

So that's all for now, hopefully one of these days I will start working on my dream project.. And then sharing it here with everyone.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life goes on...

Actually I don't feel any different now that I am a year older lol..
To be honest I was very scared of this time of the year, what's with being divorced in the same day as my birthday and all the memories and emotions that come with that, but I found out that I was afraid for nothing. True I felt sad for a while, but like I just said, life goes on, and with every close and dear person wishing me a happy birthday I felt very sure of my ability to be happy again, I can be happy, I will be happy because I deserve to be happy..

And I am truly blessed with many loving people 7amdillah.. I love you all :)

So I didn't get gifts in the sense of wrapped parcels, mom gave me money ( upon my request ) since I don't really feel I need anything at the moment. and my lovely talented kid gave me cards and songs and many hugs and kisses ( best gifts )..

I had all three meals outside the house , with mom and the kiddo , then my friends.. over all it was a very nice day 7amdillah I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate.

Of course my perfect celebration activity wouldn't be restaurants, as much as I love food having something more fun to do is more appealing to me, you know like movies, bowling , bike riding , ski diving (not really but hey why not?? ) or even a show or a concert.. Maybe next year.

I went to Zamil ( since it is the next best thing for a scrapbooking store that we have here ) and got a bit of my present from the money mom gave me.
Felt.. In all colors of the rainbow..yummmmmmmm

I know it has nothing to do with scrapbook, I got (ladies, anyone needs a piece no need to buy any ;) )
I also got some more fabric and a few card making kits..

I just need to do something crafty, would anyone help motivate me?? :P

In my birthday lunch we went to Fridays , my little creative girl - mashallah - loved posing for pictures using things hanging on the walls..

She looks cute mashallah.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Is how old I am today, yes it's my birthday again.. Has it been a year?
in some points it seems like weeks , in others it seemed like forever. Many emotions are passing through my head, some even had permanent residence there, but since I only get to be 34 once ( dunno if it's a good or bad thing :P ) I won't want to talk about sad things today.

Nothing major is on my mind for the day, I somehow lost the interest I used to have to celebrate ( hello !!! 34???! isn't this a good clue why??? )
Anyways I am in good health , with my loved ones , who are also in good health, what better can I ask for? ( I can count a few things..:P joking.. or not.. or yes )

So thanks for every one who greeted me and wished me a happy birthday, and thanks too for those who didn't :P

I want to try doing something different from what I always do, I saw this on many other blogs, I will write 34 things about me in celebrating my 34 th birthday.. Here goes :

1- I lived my first 10 years in khobar, next 15 in jeddah and the rest in dhahran. Starting, and -for now- ending with my mom and grandparents in their house.

2-I never knew what I wanted to study in college or what I wanted to do "when I grow up" . I still don't know what it is I am supposed to be beside being a mom.

3-My favorite color -obviously- is pink. But I enjoy all the other colors out there, except for maybe some shades of purple and green.

4- I can't resist buying anything that is being displayed with more than three colors of the same thing. I almost find myself getting every color available. I love colors.

5-Same reason make me collect embroidery threads, buttons, markers, coloring pencils, fabric, patterned paper and even bags.

6- I love the smell of Crayola brand crayons.. It reminds me of my childhood and I can't resist opening a box and sniffing it .

7- I have more crafting material than I will ever need .. Some for crafts I had never even tried yet.

8- I don't feel comfortable sleeping at night with any of my stuff outside my room, while married this thing disappeared since I owned the whole house. It has nothing to do with me being afraid to lose them or someone taking them, but about being in the same space with my "stuff".

9- I enjoy reading novels but my only problem with them is that I tend to be the heroine of the novel, feeling like her even moving and talking in the way i imagined her to be. I remember walking around the house for weeks in a very wide skirt holding each side with the tip of my fingers and batting my eyelashes after reading gone with the wind.. :P

10- I see my self as a closed person, I don't find it hard in general to open up to people but I always prefer to be on my own, especially when I am feeling down or upset.

11- I enjoy using all my senses , I love good smelling things around me that's why I have tens of shower gels in my bathroom.. And I love to touch everything in a store, just a small touch with my fingers. I enjoy having good music surrounding me and beautiful things in my room. Makes me happier.

12- I have a somehow strange taste in music , I love classics, or at least some , and Latin music . Old 50's and 60's songs , country music and mostly sad Arabic songs. I listen to some Turkish and french and Italian.. like the opera and Andrea bocielli. I don't mind Indian songs sometimes .

13- I love looking into houses and buildings, here or anywhere I travel to. I enjoy seeing the different ways houses are made from country to country, and I like visiting a model house to see the different decorating ideas and floor plans.

14- I don't like the outdoors much, my skin itches from dusty surfaces, and I am allergic to bugs bites. But I love to be out in a garden or the beach for no more than 30 minutes.

15- I am really an easily scared person, yet I enjoy watching scary movies.. The scarier the better, but not while I am alone.

16- I am a careful person too, but my dreams and wishes are always about doing crazy and dangerous things.

17- Love Italian foods, Italian language, Italian cities, Italian people.... etc. I even loved the mafia while in my teens.

18- I love musicals. And really enjoy movies about teens or college years, I guess I am somehow stuck in that period.

19- My favorite show ever was Beverly hills 90210 I used to watch it a lot and even think of myself as one of the group.

20- I keep dreaming of opening a nice small shop in a cute area where I would work there myself and watch people come and go from the window.

21- I love travelling so much, and I wish to go to Japan and Australia one day.

22- I am a very romantic person, in the sense of enjoying the smallest things in life, like the wind on my cheeks or the sound of a bird singing. But I find it hard to do that when in a bad mood :P

23- which brings me to this: I am a very moody person, sometimes my dark moods are very bad I can't control them , I prefer to sit alone then.

24- I wish I can learn to play the guitar and the piano, and most of all I enjoy listening to people who do.

25- I don't function well before 8 am and I get a bit blue right after the sun sets, but get in better mood late at night.

26- I love hotels. If I had to live in a different one every day for a year I wouldn't mind.

27- Same goes for burgers, if I can eat one for every meal for months I won't mind.. My body might though lol

28- My mom is more than a mother to me, she's always been my mom , my twin and my best friend.. I wish I can have the same relationship with my daughter.

29- I love everything cute, girly and feminine.. I am a true girly girl and at the same time I just love violent and action stuff like gun fights , swords and car chases in movies..

30- I have a thing for vampires, the kind of count Dracula not the monstrously kind.. I love the way they charm their victims into wanting to die themselves.. lol

31- I love taking pictures, writing stories, crafting and designing, during my college years I played with the idea of all as a career.

32- I like smart guys with a very sure of themselves attitude in a suit. kind of like James bond thing.

33- I don't like wearing red or red lipstick and nail polish, it makes me look like someone I am not.

34- I love cards more than gifts, flowers more than cards but I still enjoy a pretty gift wrapped present or a stuffed animal.. I would love another tatty teddy ;)

Whew.. That was a long
ok so next year I might only add the 35th one... yikes I don't wanna think of my next birthday from now..

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Totally lost...

Totally.... Pathetically... Sadly yet happily lost in the world of Edward Cullen....

How hard it is to be in love with a fictional vampire, who is not available ...:P

I am on my way to finish the fourth book "breaking dawn", the biggest one ( 700 something pages) after reading the third one "eclipse" while in Bahrain for the weekend..

People would normally have fun outside the hotel room while I preferred to stay there reading.... Very sad.

I think in my own way I am detaching myself from the emotions I know still hiding there under the surface of my hours away first anniversary as a newly singled person..
Edward, please change me...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Finished reading " Twilight" god, in some ways it was much better than the movie. More intense and detailed.. Loved it..!

Also finished "new moon" the second part of twilight... In one day!! it's been ages since I was that excited about a book.. Or more than one..!

I had to go at night to get the third one before I finish the second, couldn't afford being without the complete story for long.. I still have to look for the fourth part that is not yet in our bookstore...

It's such an addictive story.. Very good writer, just my taste...