Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good day, good week 7amdilla

Work is still going on very well mashalla on the house. After putting the wall-to-wall carpeting in my princess's room, I ordered the wooden floors and they were delivered today , inshalla to be installed on Tuesday. I can't wait.!

This morning while waiting for a few workers to finish up we stayed at the carpeted room, mom worked a bit on her laptop on a very original table :P

while the kiddo listened to some music and danced around.
God I love natural sunlight in the rooms mashalla.

while we were waiting there our neighbors/friends came to work on their house as well and we had some coffee together , it was a fun time we had. And their house is very pretty mashalla, in a more advanced stage than mine since they started before I did.

I took a few pictures of my room with the fabric I bought for the curtains, but the wall color looks orangy there I have no idea why,since it's a light pink.

I love this picture of the little friends while we were shopping for carpet..

wishing everyone a happy weekend. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

House update

It's been a long time since I last posted anything related to me new place, I have been working hard on it. not myself but even looking after workers is hell ! :P I'm not complaining though , cuz doing stuff for your own house is really a good thing mashalla.

Anyways since it's probably gonna be a while till I reach the stage of decorating, I will share with you a picture of my bathroom after the remodeling, and just consider it an in-between picture..

A reminder, here is the before...

And the all-white after...

Muchhhh better mashalla don't you think?I think lol I still need to paint that wall above the sink, and find some flowery cottagy accessories for the bathroom.

And this is what I got as a brick wall, with the small window facing the kitchen door.. (ignore my bag lol)

So other than that I am waiting for the wall to wall carpeting in the princess's room to be delivered, and I will be inshalla ordering my wooden floor anytime in the next few days. After that it's gonna be the fun part.. Furnishing and decorating, yaaaay :)

In the last week my uncle and his lovely family visited us from Yanbu, it was a nice visit filled with family gatherings and some shopping. My aunty -God bless her- bought two of my baby photo albums and even ordered 16 handmade cards.. 16!!! and I had 2 days to make them :P
Which I did 7amdilla and they turned out good mashalla if I can say so
Here is a pic of some of them..

Anyways, it's the end of the summer break and back to school for us :S waking up early is gonna be a bit hard after that week.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A busy month !

It's my 400 post..! woopi I can't believe I have been talking that much lol

So April has been very busy so far mashalla. I went to Bahrain one weekend, Jeddah the other and celebrated my 35th birthday in between..

I am still working on my house ( or apartment :P) and actually enjoying every tiring minute of it who knew I would enjoy hard work lol.

So in Bahrain it was very fun watching movies in the cinema after two months of absence, I enjoyed all of them (Alice in wonderland 3D .. When in Rome.. Shutter island and spy next door )

And on my birthday my little princess made me a surprise while we were having lunch in fridays and asked them to sing happy birthday for me

then at home she sprinkled colored chocolae sprinkles on my cake and got me a set of my favorite bear's ( aside from tatty teddy ) party supplies.( the bear is from forever friends)

I cut my hair - again :P- and finally colored it red..! I had that on my wish list.

In Jeddah I visited with my family and really had a great time, and also attended the engagement party of my best friend who is like a big sister to me,

she had it in her house with bubbles and fog machines and disco lights. it was a great night mashalla and I wish her all the happiness. My little one had a blast lol. and the funniest thing hapened when the bride tossed her flowers for us single ladies to catch....

It got stuck in the chandelier looool

7amdilla , life is great I can't ask for better mashalla.. :)

Reading my post a year ago on my 34th birthday ( I can't believe I was depressed about being 34 !! :P) I will add the 35th thing about me..

35. I am a net addict. I can spend most of my day infront of my computer, even have meals while surfing. I love to visit blogs, and you can always find me on facebook :P pathetic lol. But I can get u answers for anything you might ask or want from the net, I thank my ex for this ability of good search.. Yes you read right I positive thing from my marriage lol . kidding, there are few others :P my princess is the best of them.