Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good day, good week 7amdilla

Work is still going on very well mashalla on the house. After putting the wall-to-wall carpeting in my princess's room, I ordered the wooden floors and they were delivered today , inshalla to be installed on Tuesday. I can't wait.!

This morning while waiting for a few workers to finish up we stayed at the carpeted room, mom worked a bit on her laptop on a very original table :P

while the kiddo listened to some music and danced around.
God I love natural sunlight in the rooms mashalla.

while we were waiting there our neighbors/friends came to work on their house as well and we had some coffee together , it was a fun time we had. And their house is very pretty mashalla, in a more advanced stage than mine since they started before I did.

I took a few pictures of my room with the fabric I bought for the curtains, but the wall color looks orangy there I have no idea why,since it's a light pink.

I love this picture of the little friends while we were shopping for carpet..

wishing everyone a happy weekend. :)

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