Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eid and Birthday

The last few days were fun filled mashalla, first it was Eid and we went with the whole family to Holiday Inn resort at the beach, like the last few years the kids had lots of fun times playing in the sand and running aroung all day mashallah.
Plus we had a good time taking pictures of them ;)

We got sick during that time, coughing and sore throat, but in general still enjoyed our Eid vacation.

My little princess turned seven on wednesday, I can't believe how time flies by so fast, it was just like yesterday they put her in my arms for the first time. I thank Allah for his gift, she is a precious one mashallah, even when she drives me crazy lol

the cake a made ( well decorated is more accurate )

We celebrated this year with the family in the resort, it was fun , missing my cousin's wife and good friend though, wish she comes back safely inshalla. And the kiddo had an early celebration with her dad and step mom two days before. So it was a nice birthday for her :)

Everyone is back at home now, I still feel a bit sick, trying to just relax for now, then I will resume my project inshallah and have a trip or two to Ikea , I got a gift card from my uncle , I wonder what can I get now lol.
Have a nice weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing time..

We gather at my grandparent house almost every Friday, my uncles, cousins and kids. And the kids always like playing together with what toys they have , under the stairs.
It was a very crowded areas, like a storage space for what is good and what is not. And as a result the toys and games always end up in the dining area where they can find enough space for their wild imagination.

So my dear talented mom , mashallah, decided to make them a good playing area. It's a shame I don't have a before picture but imagine this one with lots of rubbish. And now take a look at this great space..

She wanted to paint it all and draw things there, but I got her some wall stickers for now. she hung a small swing , and put all the kiddo's old toys there for them to play.

*edited: more pics of the blackboard stickers:

Plus some touch lights she stuck to the ceiling to make the area more lit. And she is still adding to it , it's not really done yet.

The kids haven't seen the whole transformation yet, but my girl loves it.. I love it ! it feels like a tree house, under the stairs lol

And speaking of time.. I got me a new clock.. I adore it..! mashallah I just love it so much. I might wanna paint it white, but just a thought, this color looks good too.

We are going to the beach inshallah for a few days, I'll come with pictures soon , Have a nice Eid vacation and Happy Eid to all.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lighting my night..

Ok so I thought of clever titles but I couldn't find any lol..
I did it again, long time without posting, but I had good reasons, my net was off. I had some trouble with my connections and went netless for a long time, I also went nuts because of that :P

Anyways , back to the title, I wanted something to introduce the new floor lamp I got. I fell in love with it straight away and got it without thinking, I even got a hanging one similar to it for the living room, but it's not installed yet

What do you think? what sold it to me was the lace-like little cuts, and the crystals, or crystal-like thingies.
I know my english is incredible lol.

and in case I didn't show my other lamp, here it is ( I got it from Jeddah )

So now I have the right mood to sit and watch TV late at night and just relax.

We went to Jeddah in the weekend to attend my friend's wedding. She's more like a sister and her wedding was very nice mashallah, different from all our weddings, it started in the late afternoon and we stayed there till only 8 at night. She had it on a moving boat in a closed area with windows all over and a DJ. Lovely wedding mashallah she looked gorgeous, I wish her all the happiness in the world.

My other friend will come to visit inshallah in a few days, I feel excited to see her and show her my new place, I feel like a kid :P
The sad news is that my childhood friend has discovered her husband has cancer, they are in Canada now and he started his treatment, I pray for them all the time, strength for her and health for him, may Allah help them and be with them.

I am working on a project now, but it's a relatively big one and I am getting slow with age :P so inshallah pictures soon.
Have a nice weekend ;)