Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing time..

We gather at my grandparent house almost every Friday, my uncles, cousins and kids. And the kids always like playing together with what toys they have , under the stairs.
It was a very crowded areas, like a storage space for what is good and what is not. And as a result the toys and games always end up in the dining area where they can find enough space for their wild imagination.

So my dear talented mom , mashallah, decided to make them a good playing area. It's a shame I don't have a before picture but imagine this one with lots of rubbish. And now take a look at this great space..

She wanted to paint it all and draw things there, but I got her some wall stickers for now. she hung a small swing , and put all the kiddo's old toys there for them to play.

*edited: more pics of the blackboard stickers:

Plus some touch lights she stuck to the ceiling to make the area more lit. And she is still adding to it , it's not really done yet.

The kids haven't seen the whole transformation yet, but my girl loves it.. I love it ! it feels like a tree house, under the stairs lol

And speaking of time.. I got me a new clock.. I adore it..! mashallah I just love it so much. I might wanna paint it white, but just a thought, this color looks good too.

We are going to the beach inshallah for a few days, I'll come with pictures soon , Have a nice Eid vacation and Happy Eid to all.


Anonymous said...

wow mashalla the place turned fabulous :D

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