Thursday, February 26, 2009

Banned from my own room..!!!!

Yes, that's what u get when you let your little one occupy your room day and night.. First, it's mom I wanna watch tv in your room... Then it's mom can I bring some of my stuff to this room ( notice the change of words from your to this ) And before you know it, you are left outside the room with a sign on the door indicating that you - the room owner- are not allowed inside...Along with some other people, but hey, it's MY ROOM..!

Well I say that while laughing, I even took pictures.. It's kinda cute I think.. In a bad annoying way lol. (notice how my picture even has almost my whole name in it.. there is no mistake in who she meant by that picture lol . The other two r her grandma and her dad )

Anyways I am seriously thinking of taking her room since she barely sits in it, maybe then she will like it back and I can have mine to myself again.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy having her with me in the room, we watch cartoons together, we work on crafty things too and laugh while wrestling on the bed, but please don't come and tell me I can't do things in my own room my own way..:P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Finish your cereal...

And use the box for a useless project, The kind you would do to make your kid amused of your creativity, or just when you don't feel that you have the energy for a real crafty project.

I've been sick for a while, but 7amdillah not so sick I can't move or try to do small things.. Like this one..

I used an empty cereal box and cut the flaps.. ( this is not a paid advertisement :P )

Then cut the sides 10 cm down one side.. On both faces of the box..( does that sentence makes any sense?? )

Wrapped it with a princesses gift paper, and then a clear plastic sticky paper...

And got a happy kid with a place to put her magazines in...

Next time I have to get a bigger cereal box... Or just buy a ready magazine holder from Ikea..:P

I bought a new thing..

It's a toothpaste and brushes holder, but the red carnation I got from my friend on V's day looks lovely there doesn't it?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My lovely cards... If I can say so lol!

I worked for a few days on this project, not because it's a hard one, but because I felt rusty after a long time of not working with my papers... I almost forgot how to deal with them..

But eventually ?I started to have a good time with them, my desk looked messy for days and I loved it, it made me feel creative lol.

So , these are my cards .. And candy bags..

They were given to my friends , on the dinner of Valentine's day we had last night, I got back flowers, poem card and a to-save written on money.. I also did ones for mom and the kid.

And no i don't celebrate the V's day.. But on my single days b4marriage I used to listen to every one on tv and radio talking about that day, and watch all the romance movies, listen to all the love songs, and eat all the chocolates..! Well you know what they say about chocolates and feeling loved lol

During my married years i didn't give this day any consideration, partly because I didn't find an eager, celebrating partner, and partly because I didn't need a day to remind me that I had someone in my life... Which is what I mostly miss.. Being a part of a couple..

So this year my friends decided to go out for dinner and give each other loving gifts, So we did, and it was nice.
Maybe not as nice as having a significant other, lol , which i will have inshallah soon.. I feel it.. I just have to wait and have faith.

So till next year I am thankfull for having so many people in my life whom i love.

And speaking of which, Happy Birthday daddy.. :) wishing you a very happy day and year. we love you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

something fishy...

And that is my kid's new goldfish.. Her name is bomboj, why this name you ask? because long time ago we got her a goldfish which we named it after her own nickname , one of them at least. And no it has no meaning, it's just a name we liked calling her by.

So the old fish is dead , and miraculously she remembers her, ( she was two i think) and wanted to have another one that looks exactly like her to call her the same name as if it was still the same fish... Strange but so what..!

So I got her one, and she insisted on having only one, with an orange aquarium to match.
So far she is happy with her, keeps her company when she sleeps in her room at night. I used to have one too when I was in high school and it kept me company at night also, any strange sound I would hear would be coming from my small tiny fish.. Again strange, but so what??

So i am working on the V's day cards.. |i can't find my craftiness, maybe because I am having a very bad headache that wouldn't go away? Or because it's been a while since i last made cards..

Anyways i am enjoying playing with my papers and other stuff...

And so is my kid who made the floor under my working table her place to work..

Creative :P

Sunday, February 08, 2009

What do you know, another crafty post..!

Well I thank Allah for being in a crafty mood again.. I almost lost hope..
Just kidding, I can never lose hope in my craftiness mood, it is built in , like all the females in my family.. mashallah.

So this is just a smallish project, but I got to use my new lace punch I got from Dubai, and to make my loved cd turned small treasure cabinet more pretty than I already think it is.

It was -again- a plain white Ikea bought one...

With some of those...

It gets pretty...

Even prettier.. At least in my opinion..

So what do u think?
Next on my list, Valentine's gifts for some friends , we r going to celebrate together inshallah..

Friday, February 06, 2009

Finaly, a crafty post..:P

After a lot of emotional, sad posts I am coming back with something crafty.

It all started with being inspired again by all those crafty blogs out there, which I started reading again while I was with my little one in the hospital.

And as soon as I had the chance I went and took out some of my precious patterned papers, my scissors and my glue ..

My aim was to add some colorful piece to display in this Ikea bought frame

I wanted something pink, simple and nice to look at..
I think I achieved what I was planning for.

What do u think? Now I only need to hang it in place above the seat... Which reminds me that I haven't posted pictures of my newly decorated room yet.. soon inshallah.

And I just wanna post this cute picture I took today for the family kids.

Mashallah they look adorable.. :)