Sunday, February 08, 2009

What do you know, another crafty post..!

Well I thank Allah for being in a crafty mood again.. I almost lost hope..
Just kidding, I can never lose hope in my craftiness mood, it is built in , like all the females in my family.. mashallah.

So this is just a smallish project, but I got to use my new lace punch I got from Dubai, and to make my loved cd turned small treasure cabinet more pretty than I already think it is.

It was -again- a plain white Ikea bought one...

With some of those...

It gets pretty...

Even prettier.. At least in my opinion..

So what do u think?
Next on my list, Valentine's gifts for some friends , we r going to celebrate together inshallah..

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moonface1211 said...

واااااااو ماشالله فكرة روعه وطلعت مرة حلوة تسلم أفكارك واشغالك
بس احس شكلها بدون الخط المعروج الأسود أحلى لكن برضها حلوة