Thursday, February 26, 2009

Banned from my own room..!!!!

Yes, that's what u get when you let your little one occupy your room day and night.. First, it's mom I wanna watch tv in your room... Then it's mom can I bring some of my stuff to this room ( notice the change of words from your to this ) And before you know it, you are left outside the room with a sign on the door indicating that you - the room owner- are not allowed inside...Along with some other people, but hey, it's MY ROOM..!

Well I say that while laughing, I even took pictures.. It's kinda cute I think.. In a bad annoying way lol. (notice how my picture even has almost my whole name in it.. there is no mistake in who she meant by that picture lol . The other two r her grandma and her dad )

Anyways I am seriously thinking of taking her room since she barely sits in it, maybe then she will like it back and I can have mine to myself again.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy having her with me in the room, we watch cartoons together, we work on crafty things too and laugh while wrestling on the bed, but please don't come and tell me I can't do things in my own room my own way..:P

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Anonymous said...

وي ليش كده؟! مدري حزنت عليها احسها متضايقة بس ما تعرف تعبر بالكلام

انا احياناً عبودي حطلي اكس لما يزعل مني بس بدون ما يرسمني هههه