Friday, February 06, 2009

Finaly, a crafty post..:P

After a lot of emotional, sad posts I am coming back with something crafty.

It all started with being inspired again by all those crafty blogs out there, which I started reading again while I was with my little one in the hospital.

And as soon as I had the chance I went and took out some of my precious patterned papers, my scissors and my glue ..

My aim was to add some colorful piece to display in this Ikea bought frame

I wanted something pink, simple and nice to look at..
I think I achieved what I was planning for.

What do u think? Now I only need to hang it in place above the seat... Which reminds me that I haven't posted pictures of my newly decorated room yet.. soon inshallah.

And I just wanna post this cute picture I took today for the family kids.

Mashallah they look adorable.. :)


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