Sunday, February 15, 2009

My lovely cards... If I can say so lol!

I worked for a few days on this project, not because it's a hard one, but because I felt rusty after a long time of not working with my papers... I almost forgot how to deal with them..

But eventually ?I started to have a good time with them, my desk looked messy for days and I loved it, it made me feel creative lol.

So , these are my cards .. And candy bags..

They were given to my friends , on the dinner of Valentine's day we had last night, I got back flowers, poem card and a to-save written on money.. I also did ones for mom and the kid.

And no i don't celebrate the V's day.. But on my single days b4marriage I used to listen to every one on tv and radio talking about that day, and watch all the romance movies, listen to all the love songs, and eat all the chocolates..! Well you know what they say about chocolates and feeling loved lol

During my married years i didn't give this day any consideration, partly because I didn't find an eager, celebrating partner, and partly because I didn't need a day to remind me that I had someone in my life... Which is what I mostly miss.. Being a part of a couple..

So this year my friends decided to go out for dinner and give each other loving gifts, So we did, and it was nice.
Maybe not as nice as having a significant other, lol , which i will have inshallah soon.. I feel it.. I just have to wait and have faith.

So till next year I am thankfull for having so many people in my life whom i love.

And speaking of which, Happy Birthday daddy.. :) wishing you a very happy day and year. we love you.

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Redrose said...

shriek!!!!!!it's awake!!!!!!!!!
welcome back to the land of the living lol!!