Friday, January 30, 2009


She is being alive again, mashallah her recovery is the best thing that happened to me in months...:)

May Allah keep u safe and healthy for me my precious...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My poor girl..

Is in the hospital being treated from pneumonia... My heart is breaking for her pain, but inshallah she will be better soon, running and playing again ..

( I took this picture using my laptop camera.. that's why it isn't very good )

We all love u sweetheart..

As for my grandfather.. Well we can only pray for him, he doesn't seem to be very good.. May Allah be with him..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some news update...

Hi, I'm back in less than a month, can u believe that? it's a miracle, I think it's only because I am banned from my laptop by my doctor, nothing major i only have some dizziness and nausea from a neck stiffness made worst from my laptop...Who cares..:P

Anyways I am better now 7amdillah.. Little.. But my kid is very feverish and feeling bad, it happens a lot in winter these days, we weren't like that as kids.. were we?
And my poor grandfather is in the hospital , wish he gets better soon.

So the news are :

I found the best place i want to live in ... It has all the good places near by.. don't believe me? check this sign...

And I am gonna open my own gift shop.. everything is ready for the grand opening.. Have a look..

It's gonna be a great place , I have a feeling..
So stop by for a visit, I already had the shop advertised ....

So what do u think of my news?
If u like it u might like to visit this site....

And I am not sure I can be here by tomorrow, but I would wanna say something...

Wish u the best day and year mom..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How can time fly that fast?

Or is it me that is being extra lazy? I can say I was away because my PC was broken and my camera was missing a charger and my days were somehow empty with nothing much to write about.. But I would only be making excuses , not everything I just mentioned ever stopped me from finding the time or the material to share with the world before.

I know that everything is changing inside me, hopefully to the better, but like most changes , you have to get worst before you can get better.. Or at least it is the case with me.
So right now I am in the way to a full recovery, not just from my divorce , but from many other new things and childhood-old ones.

Anyways not everything in my life in the past month was so dramatic.. I had a few nice things too. After finishing the kiddo's room, I started working on mine.. when I transferred to my family's house I didn't really bring with me much furniture, they already had a room filled with those. So I just managed with what I was given..But now I decided to get me a few new pieces, to go with my new life.. It took me a few days to finally be 90% done with the room ( I have no idea why I am always 90% done and never 100%)
But more on that later inshallah , I will share a few pictures.

We also had a weekend in Dubai, we spent the new year eve there, mom , the kid and me.. What better new year eve than that? with my most loved people in a nice city like Dubai.. Yes I am guilty of loving this crowded city..!

We had a very good time, I took the princess for her first visit to see the ice in ski Dubai, it's a great indoor place that is built to look like a real skiing place, and a whole area for kids to play in.. She went nuts, screaming, running playing and hitting me with millions of not so perfect snow balls.. It was a great evening, very cold and fun ..

We also visited a new place called Atlantis, which is a big hotel with an underwater place where u can see many species of sea creatures in a themed decorations of the Atlantis world.. Very nice, but frankly I just thought it would look greater than that..

They also have a water park where u can slide in a big waterfall that leads you to a glass tunnel in the middle of a shark-filled pool.. I didn't try it of course since non of us really swim in these kind of places ..:P

of course we went to the malls, watched two movies (I highly recommend madagascar 2 and bed time stories, very funny movies), waited for hours for taxis in many places and enjoyed ourselves in the hotel..
The kiddo got herself a kid's digital camera and went wild with it taking pictures of everything and everyone, we went to the Dubai zoo..

And I don't recommend it at all..! Not a really nice place to be, just ask the roaring lion and the depressed monkeys..!!

Over all it was a nice weekend, the first for the little one and the last of us together..! just kidding, but honestly traveling with kids is a little hard .. not my best way to travel.

Oh and yah, Happy new year.. almost a month late lol
Hope this year brings everyone his dreams and wishes..

And my prayers to the people of Gaza,may Allah help them and stop their pains.