Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My first zippered pouch..and other things

I finaly had the courage to try sewing zippers, my aunt asked for a pouch ages ago and I kept delaying things because I was scared of trying my hands with zippers, but after reading a tutorial in one of the blogs,I tried it and it turned out verry easy and verry verry nice looking ( If I may say so ) so atlast I can now do other things.
speaking of other things.. I finished the black and white bag for my cousin and guess what, her mother ( my mom's aunt) liked the colors so much she ordered two..!! Two more black and white combinations..! not that I'm not grateful she liked my bags and ordered another two ( she already ordered a blue one) but black and white..well, not all people like color like I said. But I'm really happy that someone is ordering bags even if they are the same color.
So the other picture up there is for a mat I baught for my kitchen floor, I like these old looking pictures and it seems cool in the kitchen, because I don't cook much but when I do I do it with love ;)
Have a nice day

Friday, December 15, 2006

A calm weekend

And a productive one too,I'm almost done with moving my thing from the old house, plus we just had two of the three curtains we ordered put up, and boy does it change the look of the house..!We still have many rooms left and alot of boxes to empty but that's nothing, I feel more and more at home.
We went to the movies last monday and I watched a very nice movie called " the holiday" It made me want to rent out my house and swap with someone anywhere in the world for a couple of weeks, I really need the change. I wish I can just close my eyes and when I open them again I would be in a European country, site seeing and shopping and enjoying the cool houses and green land. AHHHH. dreams.. rosy ones!
Anyways, I'm back into my patchwork bags, this time another black and white combination as a gift for a cousin who will be leaving to the states with her family on a business trip for nine months inshallah, I thought I was done with these combinations of colors but obviously ppl here prefer the nuetral colors. I prefer bold colors, but that have to wait.
My girl is still driving me crazy that's why this is the first night that I try working after she goes to sleep, I was afraid the sound of the sewing machine would upset her sleep ( and her daddy's) but we testted the sounds and it was ok.. Thanks to Allah now I can enjoy my room with the tv in it, not that it has anything interesting anyway.
So the above picture is of the gift I made for my baby sister, the mirror ofcourse is not my
Have a nice day.. ( I wish I can hear from anyone reading this, I'm starting to feel crazy talking to myself..!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hard to work..

and all that because my three year old gets super crazy everytime I start using the net, sewing or do anything beside talk with her and play.. I know it's my job to entertain her since she doesn't have a sister or a brother, doesn't go out much and didn't start school (or preschool), but I need to work on my things too or I'll lose my mind..! I don't go out much either ( meaning no friends, no job, not even a studying course or a health club) and the whole day we spend it together alone, except for the occational time my mom visits or take her or both of us out...
Anyway I'm missing something very badly and I just don't know what it is.. I need a friend to share my interests and love for crafts with, maybe I should look harder.. Does anyone here live in Saudi Arabia and loves craft? plz contact me I need help..!
So I finally finished the last bag as I said before, and today I embeleshed it with a felt flower and some rickrak.. the picture is bad but so is the lighting in the house since it's very cloudy outside.
We are thinking of going to the movies, but nothing confirmed yet, I'm gonna lose my mind with this girl..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How does my garden grow..?

In small plastic pots.. I tried gardening after a very long time since I even had a plant in the house, all because I sow mom do it and it seemed very easy and enteresting.. It wasn't..! easy that is, I kept clumsily dropping soil and water everywhere and almost killing all the poor small flowers from forcing them into the pots. ofcourse if mom wasn't helping I think everything would be dead by now, but thanks to Allah they all look nice and blooming. I put all the plastic pots in the area where I look out the window more.. the kitchen. and it sure makes a difference to brighten a day.

In another area, after what seems like forever I finally started sewing again, and finished the last of the patchwork bags that my aunt ordered before Eid. It seemed like I forgot how to do everything and redid alot of the bag many times before I finished it, and even now I'm not very happy with it, but no way I'm gonna do it again..!
And I even did a nice cushion cover for my new crafts/morning living room.. the picture is dark, the colors are pinks ( dark and light) and blues..

Anyway it's the weekend and I think all we are going to do is try to bring some of our stuff from the old house, wish us luck it's starting to seem funny living without most of our things.