Saturday, June 21, 2008

A whole year later..

Our orphan little kitten, which we fed milk using an eye drop ourselves, is now a mommy..

How time flies.. she now has three small kittens, cute and adorable..

our Aneesa is a mommy, how sweet :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

A project finished

I finally finished the paper bag photo album which I started back in February..

I was short by three pages , and I happened to be in a reasonably good crafty mood so i decided to get it over with, I hate to have unfinished projects waiting for me on my desk..

So here they are..

My apologies if they weren't that clear, it was hard holding it and taking the picture at the same time..

But over all it was a fun project to do. Hope you likes it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nothing to share

just a few cute pictures of our cute little ones..

mashallah they are getting bigger each day.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I've been tagged-for the first time - by my friend angel eyes..
And I have to answer these questions..

*Best school year ( or years)
I have to say elementary and high school.. both were very nice each on it's own way

*Worst year
My 7th grade , I was just transferred from Khobar to Jeddah and it felt bad..

*Best teachers
I have to say my first grade teacher, and my high school physics teacher

*Best school subject
math and Arabic grammar ( قواعد)

*Worst subjects
I would have to say biology and history and geography . even though i love traveling and historic places , but the subjects were really taught badly here .. :P

*Last degree and major
I have a bachelor's degree in food and nutrition.

*Funniest moments during school years
Hmmmmm... nothing that funny, mostly good times in high schools with friends when we used to go to each other for visits or have a party in school.. good times.

* worst moments
I think it was in the 6th grade when one of the teachers accused me and my friend of stealing things from her classroom, and insisted to search our bags in front of everyone in the classroom.. But it turned out a happy ending because after we complained to the principle, she came and talked to us in front of everyone and made that teacher apologize for such a humiliating behavior.. ugh bad memory.

ok sorry i can't think of enough energy to translate this to Arabic loool lazy me.. and I pass this to um Adnan ..if she will be wanting to do it..lool

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The ice princess in summer..

Attending a party in her school to celebrate the end of her year..

She has to run, she is getting late..

But not before taking a last look at the camera..

Mashallah, I love this girl...sorry, this princess..!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

More kids, and popcorn..

This time, it's my girl with her cousins..
Mashallah they are getting older and the little one is wobbly walking now.. So cute

I got this bowl for popcorn,

it reminded me of the cups they give in the cinema.. and every one who knows me sure knows how much I love the movies, and whatever remind me of it..

They are smallish and made of ceramic.. I got three of those, and just waiting for a chance to be able to see one of the hundreds of movies i got in the house.. I prefer going to the real cinema..

Bahrain... Here I come.. (not today though I am a bit busy putting together my kid's bunk bed .. pictures coming soon inshallah ..)