Saturday, June 16, 2007

Three little orphans

My mom have three little orphans in her house, my uncle found them trapped in his back yard storage room with their mom, and she died just after he found her and her babies, so he took them and took care of them for a while then gave them to mom, they are so cute, still have their eyes closed and can't walk right or drink milk on their own ..

Oh I forgot to say they are kittens..!

Yesterday we went there to see them and they were tiny, sleeping together in a small shoe box all over each other, they don't even have a sound. They were mostly sleeping but kept waking up on the sound of my girl playing with the box and shouting over their heads.

I took a turn feeding them milk with an eye dropper and it felt good..

Poor little kittens, losing their mom so early..


moonface1211 said...

ياقلبي يجننوو مرة صغااااار وحلوين بس
تصدقي شفت امس بسة صغيرة عند بابا بيتنا ومرة عاجبتني واليوم حطيت حليب قدام باب بيتنا امكن تجي وتحبني هههه
مساكين بس حمد لله حظهم انكم لقيتوهم بعد ما امهم ماتت

moonface1211 said...

تعطوني وحده ؟؟ههه

Redrose said...

cutey pies ummmwah(kisses)