Monday, June 25, 2007

ِA day off

What would a mother do with a day off of her never ending job?..
Let's see.. First she would watch one of her Arabic movies which she enjoys and can't watch because of her almost 4 year old's constant interruption.. what she didn't expect is the movie being the most depressing movie the history of Arabic movies ever made!! And of course she had to finish it because it's so engaging. And she had to cry from start to finish because it's so sad and emotional.. as if she needs that now! talk about bad luck..!

So she tries doing something else, watching a music channel while painting a project, the movie channels are off limits when the kid is around , no need to explain why with all the x-rated video clips around, and I'm talking arabic songs! and the painting, well she can't do it with her around because it won't be enjoyable since she has to watch over the kid's brush and where does it go ( probably on the paper and the area around that!) And she ends up doing the bird house she wanted doing for a long time..

Well then the father wakes up from his after work nap and wants some of the mother day off to himself, well at least to finish watching the third season of lost, which is something the mother enjoys doing and very eager to know what will happen to those lost people on the weird island, so they watch three episodes, which leads them to the end of the day off without the mom doing a lot of the things she wanted to do ALL ALONE ..!Beside it being three depressing episodes with characters dying and such..

So the day ends with them picking the kid from her grandmother's house, picking up some food to go, sleeping while making the kid go to sleep and that's the end of the day..

To tell the truth , the mom enjoyed her half day, but next time inshallah there will be no sad movie, and no three-time-consuming-episodes of lost.. Next time will be all me and all by myself.. I wanna be all by myself for some time, even if it gets boring and I missed the kiddo.. Oops did I say I? I meant she , the mom...!

And she lived happily ever after.. The end

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moonface1211 said...

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