Thursday, June 07, 2007

Missing my artisitic side

I feel like I don't do crafty things anymore, even sewing, I have many thing which I have to finish and yet I'm not working on them.. I think maybe it's a mood thing.

Anyways, when my cousin married moonface I made them a gift basket, which sadly got stolen from their car soon after she received it. Well the other day she was asking me what was in it, you see she didn't have the chance to open and enjoy it, so since I want to remind me of how good it was when creating, and wanting her to see what I got her ( don't feel sad I might make you another one some day) So here they are.
The basket..

A cup and coaster cross stitched set..

Shower gel and bath bubblle with cross stitched labels..

Sachets of soap and dried flowers..

The card..

I enjoyed making them and felt sad when they were stolen, some people are just bad.. But it's ok at least I had a picture to share.


moonface1211 said...

ياربي زكرتيني أشياء حلوة كتيرة انسرقت حسبي الله على الي سرقهم وهديتك كانت مميزة وما لحقت حتى أفتحها زي الناس اتفرج عليها بس تسلمي والله على الصور شفتها دحين زي الناس والله لايقهر أحد على عزيز وغالي

Redrose said...

معليش أخدت الشر وراحت ودفع الله ماكان أعظم ...فعلا شغل اليد مافي زيه