Sunday, June 10, 2007

Movies, Tv and shopping

Nothing in common between all three.

Did you see Shrek the third? I wasn't expecting it to be good from what I saw in the trailer, but I actually liked it, it was the first third part of a movie this year that I liked as much as I did the first two.

I just thought I'd show you this picture of my kid's shrek and fiona and donkey toys, she didn't see the movie but somehow liked all three of them.

And on tv, we are behind on our third season of desperate housewives, we just downloaded and watched episodes 16 to 19 the last couple of days, and boy do I hate this show.. I hate because I like it so much..!

I mean everything is perfect, even the moments of pain and crime seems good and nice and not as painful as real life is. The desperate housewives don't look so desperate, the houses are always spotless and perfectly decorated.. The relationships of everyone looks nice and fun and romantic as if there is such things in real life. And still I like the show..Like I used to love Beverly hills 90210 before..

So do you like grocery shopping? or you don't do it yourselves? Well I used to like grocery shopping when I used to do it on my own, take my time, walk by every shelf and sniff the shampoos and soaps. I always end up with many things I don't need and forget a few that I do. I refuse to have a list don't ask me why, I feel that if I go and see everything they are selling in the supermarket I have to remember everything that I need, right? not always. And my husband keeps bugging me about that.

So I stopped liking grocery shopping while with him , we have to do it fast and I have to have a list that states everything we need.. No fun. But yesterday he left me and the kiddo in the supermarket to shop while he went to fix his computer, and I didn't mind that at all..

It was peaceful and even the struggles with my girl wasn't as bad I found her a small trolley and she shared the experience of shopping, it was nice.. But still I prefer that we wouldn't need to shop.. Maybe order by phone?


Redrose said...

The best thing is to do your grocery shopping without zee husband....all husbands for some reason hate shopping(except a few),you can take your time, if you're alone you will walk in every single aisle...but walk fast so it counts as exercise :)

moonface1211 said...

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