Sunday, June 03, 2007

A work in progress

I am working these days on those lovely bags for my lovely friend in Jeddah who ordered 10 of them mashallah! Well luckily I have 2 already done and now i still have 8 to go, I cut all the fabric together, then sew them together at one time, now they are all ready for the batting and assembling of the bag, I feel like I forgot how to sew these bags since I stopped for a long time, but I think after the first one it will all come back to me.
Hmm maybe then I need to do 9 instead of 8 just in case..

My favorite part of making these bags is choosing the fabric and color combinations.. With all the fabric I have I still feel limited with my choices, I need to have a fabric store! Because I use 4 different fabrics for a bags face ( other two for the inside) I usually find three good ones and one missing..! well but I manage to get me something that works, I absolutely refuse to be on the safe side always having neutrals as my color combinations, the stranger the colors are ,the more I feel happy. I just hope people who will buy the bags agree with me..
I think these bags are only for the brave at hearts..!

Well before I go I want to share the view from my crafts room window, I added some fake flowers to make it more pretty, and I still want to paint a bird house to add there.. I think maybe I need more flowers.. what do you think? (aside from the fact that the windows need cleaning!)


moonface1211 said...

تسلم يدك حلوة ألوان الشنط
وكمان الوروود تجنن ماشالله بس ان شالله ما تموت في الحر دا
على فكرة كيف خليت الصور تظهر عندك؟

Redrose said...

real nice mashallah!!