Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tweet tweet

I have a window in my crafts room where every day all the little birds in the area gather there running away from the sun and the heat, and each day I feel sorry for them and want to give them some food and water, so one day when I went to the supermarket I got them a pack of bird seeds, and that day I put some on th area out my window ( don't know what to call it!) and waited with my girl to see happy birds..

We waited the whole day, and the next and not even one bird came, I felt bad because I got them food and they didn't want it, So this morning I was so happy to see birds eating what's left of the seeds (It was windy the other night) and I had to take a picture..

I discovered how ugly the window looked with all that dirt over it (it was rainy -sandy -rainy for some time plus I didn't clean it for a while!) so I waited for the birds to leave and cleaned what I can from the window, it looks great now but whenever birds come and I try to take a picture they fly away, now that the window is clean they can see me better (our window is like a mirror from the outside during the day) So when I had a clean window I had no picture...Shame.

Well the picture above is actually a bird eating the seeds, even if you can't see it well imagine it there..!


moonface1211 said...

مني شايفة غير صورة واحه ومو مبينة العصافير بس كويس انهم جو اخيراً وماراح انتظارك هدر
انا عجبتني فكرتك حقت الكورة للعصافير

Redrose said...

Window sill :)