Monday, June 04, 2007

Another kind of work

I remember my kids room when we first got her this

Well it was fun to her for the first few days, and when the cousins came to play, otherwise it was only collecting dust and toys, and taking so much needed space in a 3 and half year old with plenty of make believe toys. So the only solution was to take it out of the room (and put it somewhere else until I can find it a home, right now under the stairs which is another nun made space for her never ending toys, and another non used place )
And the result is this ( which is more like a During picture since I need to decorate , and sorry it's a bit blurry)

So mom got me these..

Don't you just hope you have a rainy place to travel to with these lovelies?

I know I do..


moonface1211 said...

مرة حلوة الشنطة ماشالله انا شفت زيها في النت وعجبتني تتهني فيها يارب
وغرفة لوجي كمان صارت احلى وأوسع
على فكرة أنا مني قادرة ادخل النت بس مقطوع اغلب اليوم

Redrose said...

mabrouk,mashallah the room looks bigger and neater...can I play too??Of course that is what grandmas do :)