Thursday, December 24, 2009

Loooooong time...

Since I was last here.. How time flies.

Nearly a month has gone and I am still without crafting , I guess my craftiness doesn't wanna join me anytime soon, but I am managing to declutter my rooms and my life in general from un-needed things and hopefully that will help me .

We have a new family member now, snowflake my friend's cat.. Sadly my friend traveled to London with her family for 3 years , I will miss her but she gave me her cat and it reminds me of her.. Mashallah he is huge..! but everyone in the house love him and the kiddo enjoys playing with him a lot.

Mom is on vacation to England, and we miss her terribly.. Love u mom nothing is the same without u... :(

Oh I don't remember if i wrote this before but I got a new computer from my uncle in Eid and it is great mashallah..:)

I leave u with a pic of how I found my girl sleeping one night while watching cartoons.. cuteeee mashalla
And yes , that's a huge Tatty Teddy she is cuddling.. :D

So that's all for now, hopefully I won't be away for that long again .

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Eid to all :D

Another happy eid 7amdillah, it was avery nice first day, kids playing happily, family getting together for talks and laughs, may it be this way for always inshallah..

I got a new computer for Eid from my lovely uncle :D yaaay , it's mashalla a great looking one, I just hope I can find a place to put it in right now since my room if filled to the brim with stuff..:P Yes I know I need to tidy it

So for some kid's pictures...
my cousins amazing carrot cake yummmmm mashallah she did great with it

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birthday pictures

It was a more than one day thing, the day b4 she was with her dad and step mom , the actual birthday we were at home with family and the day after with friends..

Nothing much to say so I'll just leave you with the pictures.. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My baby is 6...

How does time fly so quickly, just last night she was 5, last week i gave birth to her ; pretty, small and pink..
My baby it 6 now mashallah, no longer a baby. I know that I have always treated her like a grownup, even when she was very little, I only saw how tiny she was in pictures.. And due to major turbulence in my married life since she was born, I never really had the chance to appreciate her first year well... and now since the divorce, it wasn't that easy either.. And she is growing fast, I better treat her existence in my life like the blessing it is...

Just now i was seeing a picture of her when she was a few months old.. How like a different person she seems now, it's like I am having a new daughter, the old little one was gone forever and can never be back again.. Just now I understand what my mom used to say about missing me when I was a baby, I used to say " but mom how can it be? it's the same me..! " but she was right, it's not the same person.. She is someone else now, but someone I love as much if not more than before.. My love grows each day with her growth, and I couldn't imagine that this can be even possible.

May Allah keep you safe and happy my precious.. May your life be better than mine.. May you never have anything to do with anyone who would let u down, or make u feel less about yourself.. And may you forgive your mom when you grow up for not being the most cheerful person on earth.. But she is for sure, the one who loves you the most..

I love you baby.. :x

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cake course 2..

I finished my second course some time ago, I have been absent for so long from my poor blog, guess I was trying to get my living space in order so I made a few changes resulting in leaving my PC in a corner not working for a while..

Anyways, last Friday during our family gathering I finally finished a whole cake using the dried up flowers we have been doing the classes..

I'll leave u with pictures..

Icing the cake..

Basket weave..

Adding the flowers..

Adding more greens and borders..

It was supposed to a cupcake cake, big one but it didnt work out, so i used the bottom and left the top. but then thought i would try to decorate that as well with leftover icing for the fun of it. It looks ok doesn't it? :P

So that's the main thing I did since, can't rememebr when. Besides school and waking and sleeping and studying..
Hope your life is good and peaceful :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A very nice weekend

Mashallah it was indeed very nice, I started it by going to my kids school on Wednesday for a parent/teacher meeting and I got to see her with her classmates and took a picture of her on her desk. She looks cute mashallah, although she is still clinging to either mom or me almost everyday.

Then on thursday morning I went for my second class of the second course for cake decorating, it was fun, we didn't even feel the time passing , after that we went to the resort on the beach that my uncle was having for the weekend, the whole family was there and it was great for the kids, they ran , they played with the sand and had lots of fun 7amdillah. And the weather was great.

I'll leave you with the pictures

I have to make a comment about this last pictures, because I feel it's one of the worst moment any single mom can have in the world.. The look of sadness in the eye of your kid when she is looking at whole families from afar (mashallah may allah keep them together and whole forever).. I know it's not a big issue even for my little one, it was only a moment of sadness and went by, but for a mom, who has been an only child with a single mom herself, it was hard.

But life goes on, and we keep enjoying the good moments even more.. That's why I still think of this picture as a nice one, in a bit of a sad way.. :)

Hope you enjoyed you weekend too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My first grader.. and other stuff :)

I can't believe my little baby is in her first grade mashallah.. It felt good and sad to see her in her class, sitting on a big kid table and chair.. sigh...what's next, college??

That's her on her first day, early in the morning.. very early.. VERY VERY early ( can u tell I am not a morning's person? lol )

And that's her third day with the old uniform.. she looks very thing in that :(

So my other stuff, a few days b4 school we went to Bahrain for two nights, stayed at the Frasier suites in seef mall , it was very nice and the view from the big window was marvelous.. ( just cuz I love big windows )

And my little princess turned pink ;) mommy's girl .

lol doesn't she look like a sleeping rag doll? :P

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good news and bad news

I will start with the bad news to get it over with , our rabbits died the day I posted their pictures.. After only 2 days at our house , they just suddenly dropped dead! it was so sad to us grown ups, we couldn't tell our little one so we told her we took them to the vet. Mom got another rabbit as if it is one of them.. The even more sad thing is that he died too after less than a day in our house! I saw him at 2 am sitting there looking at me and then at 5 am he was dead, the same way as the first two.. Something is so not right in here. I just don't know what. Thankfully the kiddo didn't ask about him.

Ok now to the good post. No news but a few things I want to share with you.

A few days ago I went to a garage sale, my first one in Aramco, I went with two good friends, it was fun driving around looking for the right house then spending a few minutes in front of it not knowing for sure.. We didn't find much stuff to buy, but then we went to another house where a lady there sells stuff for Halloween, nice good stuff actually, I found me a scrapbooking kit.. Travel theme.
Here are the things I got, plus a few candies and a hello kitty pen for my daughter.

And long before that I got a few nice things from the japanese shop daiso, and I never posted pictures , so here they are

Felt flowers, buttons and leaves..

A close up to the pins, I love those styles very much

small tins holding sewing kit, didn't care for the kits I fell in love with the tins lol

The little model with my stuff :P

Hope you have a good day, and no I am NOT going to get another rabbit ever!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Two rabbits, two hamsters and one six-year-old on vacation...

Equals headache lol
Or lot's of fun.. Depending on the way you look at it.!

So mom bought the little one ( or herself actually since mom is crazy about little animals ) the rabbits and hamsters. And boy did they make quite an impact..

First she wanted to touch and grab and hold them, they were moving of course so she got a bit scared and got to touch only..

Then we tried moving them from one cage to another and really, don't try to hold a squirming hamster..! they just slip right through your fingers it was like trying to catch water, one of them really ran away under the sofa and there were 4 of us trying to catch him, then when i finally did he jumped from my hand when i was standing up thankfully our maid caught him b4 he hit the floor.. :P

They are cute and sweet, but please, I only love cats ;)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Final class of the first course

I was still in pain from my neck and shoulders , I almost didn't go, but I am glad I did.
we were supposed to bring a cake to decorate but I couldn't, I only took the icing, which turned to be very soft for the roses we were supposed to learn, but in general the class went well.

Here are the things we did, the rose..

The sweet pea and ribbon..

The leaves..

And this is my certificate for the first course.. Very nice :)

Inshallah on Thursday we will start the second course, hope it goes as well and be as fun as this one was.