Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My first grader.. and other stuff :)

I can't believe my little baby is in her first grade mashallah.. It felt good and sad to see her in her class, sitting on a big kid table and chair.. sigh...what's next, college??

That's her on her first day, early in the morning.. very early.. VERY VERY early ( can u tell I am not a morning's person? lol )

And that's her third day with the old uniform.. she looks very thing in that :(

So my other stuff, a few days b4 school we went to Bahrain for two nights, stayed at the Frasier suites in seef mall , it was very nice and the view from the big window was marvelous.. ( just cuz I love big windows )

And my little princess turned pink ;) mommy's girl .

lol doesn't she look like a sleeping rag doll? :P

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