Saturday, October 24, 2009

A very nice weekend

Mashallah it was indeed very nice, I started it by going to my kids school on Wednesday for a parent/teacher meeting and I got to see her with her classmates and took a picture of her on her desk. She looks cute mashallah, although she is still clinging to either mom or me almost everyday.

Then on thursday morning I went for my second class of the second course for cake decorating, it was fun, we didn't even feel the time passing , after that we went to the resort on the beach that my uncle was having for the weekend, the whole family was there and it was great for the kids, they ran , they played with the sand and had lots of fun 7amdillah. And the weather was great.

I'll leave you with the pictures

I have to make a comment about this last pictures, because I feel it's one of the worst moment any single mom can have in the world.. The look of sadness in the eye of your kid when she is looking at whole families from afar (mashallah may allah keep them together and whole forever).. I know it's not a big issue even for my little one, it was only a moment of sadness and went by, but for a mom, who has been an only child with a single mom herself, it was hard.

But life goes on, and we keep enjoying the good moments even more.. That's why I still think of this picture as a nice one, in a bit of a sad way.. :)

Hope you enjoyed you weekend too.


moonface1211 said...

مرة حلوة آخر صورة للوجي
لاتتضايقي انشالله القادم أجمل واللحظات الحلوة اتمسكي فيها

Hanadi said...

Hi dear!
Miss ya! I can't register to class 2 7asafa!

But we must meet sometimes!

I luv ur writin' style..

Ur girl s so sweat! masha'Allah, may Allah bless u all!

Take care, & keeps ur smile there!