Friday, October 09, 2009

Two rabbits, two hamsters and one six-year-old on vacation...

Equals headache lol
Or lot's of fun.. Depending on the way you look at it.!

So mom bought the little one ( or herself actually since mom is crazy about little animals ) the rabbits and hamsters. And boy did they make quite an impact..

First she wanted to touch and grab and hold them, they were moving of course so she got a bit scared and got to touch only..

Then we tried moving them from one cage to another and really, don't try to hold a squirming hamster..! they just slip right through your fingers it was like trying to catch water, one of them really ran away under the sofa and there were 4 of us trying to catch him, then when i finally did he jumped from my hand when i was standing up thankfully our maid caught him b4 he hit the floor.. :P

They are cute and sweet, but please, I only love cats ;)

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moonface1211 said...

ايوة يجننوا شفتهم كنت مع ماماتك لما اشترتهم لزيزين