Monday, October 29, 2007

Handle with care..

My cousin (actually my mom's cousin) came back from a 9 month trip to the USA, while she was there I asked her to look for bag making things for me in Joanne , where she went there to have sewing classes.

She got me these bag handles , which I've been wanting for a loooong time since seeing them all around the net.

(those look like handcuffs in this picture..!)

I'm very happy with all the ones she got me and I can't wait to use them , maybe on some of my new tummy fabrics...

Hmmm or maybe I should go get some newer fabric for this occasion??

Anyways thanks lulaz for the lovely selection.
She also got me some bag making patterns , they look tempting to try. Plus some 100 something box of cookie cutters that I'm really excited about, now all I have to do is make some cookies..

A few days ago I bought these tiny furnitures..

I guess I felt jealous of moomface's doll house I wanted to have mine lol..
They just need some painting and accesorising and a place to be put in..! Sometimes I'm really an impulsive shopper.. Ok all the times..!
But who can resist buying new lovely stuff? surely not me.

So I'll post pictures of the finished project, if it ever finishes..!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Therapy in the form of shopping

Well I always use this kind of therapy, I know its effect is usually temporary like eating chocolates , but still I think of it as my favorite way of therapy.

yesterday I wasn't feeling very pink, I had a hint of blue in me, so mom took me shopping in my most loved place , AlZamil, and to be specific to the fabric area. God it was good to be surrounded with all those potential projects. And all those colors...

Needless to say I had me a nice collection of half a meter fabrics in all sorts of yummy colors. And I came back home a happy girl.

I also took pictures of the trims and ribbons my friend got me from Canada, I just love them all..

And another thing I haven't mention yet, for Eid gift my husband got me a kind of scanner that scans negatives and turns them into digital files of the pictures in the negatives, well I just love it, I have many pictures that were lost through the years and I only got heir negative, and to think of all the money I would've spent to develop them... If anyone needs a picture from a negative contact me I'll be more than happy to use my scanner.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What we did in our two weeks vacation..

Well we met with as many family and friends as possible in this relatively short time, we had to be in three different places, and we were having bad colds and Eid gatherings. It was a somehow stressful times but 7amdillah we had fun too.

We only went shopping twice, one time to Ikea, of course I have to go but strangely I didn't find much that I liked, and the things I did like were too large to take back home.

Then we went to a mall in Makkah and my girl had some good time in the amusement area with her aunty (my sis in law which is only 13).

Eid was nice, the night before it we were in Taif were we played games with my in laws and it was nice, then we had Eid breakfast and some of us acted funny like my brother in law..

Then we went to Jeddah for my family's lunch and it was great seeing them after a whole year, and nice exchanging gifts, I got some cool stuff thanks everyone.And my girl got this toy kit from her aunty(my sis) which I enjoyed doing it for her, so pretty.

I met with the two new cute additions to the family, my two cousin's babies, and my aunt's baby , mashallah so cute.

After that we didn't do much but rest and sleep and stay at my in laws house in Makkah.

I had a chance to go to some friend's house and I spent some time with my best friend who just came back from Canada and got me some yummy ribbons or trims I dunno which is the right word for them but I just liked them so much, thanks cute cat.Pictures of them coming soon inshallah.

So That's all we did, it seemed like two years due to some family arguments and misunderstanding, and because of us all being sick, but over all it is good being with family for a while.

Hopefully after being fully settled in, I will have a chance to do something crafty or decorative. With lot's of good pictures.

Home sweet home.. Blog sweet blog

I'm finally back..! after what seemed like the longest two weeks ever, we are in our house again, and I'm sitting in my room, in front of my computer, posting in my blog.. I missed that a lot..

The last two weeks were spent between Taif, Jeddah and Makkah. And it was filled till the last minute of being sick, sneezing, coughing and runny noses. And now that we are back home we are feeling much better 7amdillah.

So I don't have much to share about the trip and any picture I have will be hard to get right now , since coming back home means a lot of unpacking and laundry, plus I had a new phone so the pictures are all scattered between old and new phones. Soon inshallah.

So I just wanted to say I really missed you guys, and those coming days I will really need being here with you and reading your comments since I'll be going through some rough times, more news about that later inshallah, right now all I want to do is to get updates from all the blogs I love to read and to figure out a way to clean the messes in my life, starting with the luggage..!

Hope to see you soon with pictures inshallah.
(p.s I wish that my house looked like that from the outside, I got this picture from somewhere on the net as usual)

Monday, October 08, 2007


Well for those of you who are not familiar with the word, gergee3an is a traditional thing in the eastern side of Saudi Arabia, well maybe even in other parts too, anyways I'm bad with history but I'm here to tell about a very lovely night we had at our friend's house.

She hosted a late gergee3an party for all the kids, 27 of them mashallah, and the mom's were invited too of course, so mainly the gergee3an happens on the night of the 15th of ramadan and in that nights kids go around the neighborhood knocking on doors wearing traditional dresses and singing traditional song asking for nuts and candies. Nowadays every kid makes his own favor filled with nuts and candies and sometimes gifts to give to other kids, and that what happened in the party, every mom brought some lovely decorated favors and the kids had too much candy at the end of the night..!
Well sadly I only took pictures of this one, which was given by the hostess of this night.

The kids had lots of fun , we even helped them to play traditional games like tag tag tagya, and salwa ya salwa. And they sang some songs and made lots of noise, but it was nice seeing so many happy kids mashallah.

Us moms sat and ate and talked and it was nice too, I just love this group of ladies, and I always enjoy sitting with them, give me a themed party or anything interesting to do while with them and I have a perfect time.

So next year inshallah I will be more prepared and I will remember to have my girl's picture in her adorable red traditional dress which mom bought , but in the meantime this was the star of the night mashallah..

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen mashallah?
I loved my friend's new house decor, the room we sat in was so pretty mashallah and they did the paintings themselves, I just love that.

And I just love this flower wall sticker from ikea, just pretty mashallah.

So after tomorrow inshallah we will be leaving for a two weeks Eid vacation to Taif, Jeddah and Makkah , to be with family and friends. Hope you have a happy Eid and good days, until then I will miss you all..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A very bad cold..!

It started two days ago, I'm having the worst cold in the year and I've been in bed all the time, because when I try to sit for very long I feel like my head would explode , 7amdillah.

Anyways just thought I'd share with you some things, last night moon face came to my house again to finish her projects of cards, and I managed to do these with her before I collapsed on the sofa..

These are some of the gifts for eid all wrapped and ready to be squished in the luggage till it's time for them to be presented. Here is a close up to one of the tags, there's four of them..

While I was sick my kid was mostly an angel , doing her homeworks peacefully..

Only talking to me if she happens to break her pencil...

Did I say mostly? well yes because she has been spending a lot of time in school, and at mom's house or sleeping, so when she is awake with me she is mostly an angel , partly an almost 4 year old Scorpio little girl..

See you again when I'm feeling better, my head is spinning..!