Saturday, March 27, 2010

On this mother's day...

My baby surprised us at the house with a very cute and dear to my heart celebration..

Mashalla she planned a small party with what she can get at home, the family maids helped her with a cake mix, a candle and an old toy juice dispenser that we never really tried using before.

They even made the sign for her, but it was all her idea. we really got surprised, she served all of us mashalla like a great hostess :)

I'm so proud of her, and really blessed to be her mom.

The house news? well I just finished working on the redecorating projects. and even painted the walls, which mashalla turned out good, and today mom got me the air conditions split units and the rest of the electrical machines.. God help newly weds....! prices are getting really high..!
Anyways they will deliver them inshalla next Saturday.

And I am not sure whether to post 0apicture of the new bathroom now or after decorating it for more effect.. I'll think more about it ;

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To my darling mother, who means the world to me, I wish you a very happy life. We love you so much mom.

And to all mothers out there, I wish you all a nice day with your loved ones.
(pics from the net)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The many faces of a girl

I m disappointed in one of my new home projects, my brick wall isn't the way I imagined it would be. But I would still consider it as looking good inshallah, maybe once everything is cleaned and painted. Hopefully. Ya Rab....!

Anyways I took a few cute pics of my little one I thought I'd post. She's growing mashalla .

Back from school all crazy..

On our way out, has to swing a little..

Why are the leaves all yellow mommy are we in Autumn??

A lady in crispy kreme..

I have a love for these half pictures.. Any one else like me?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The journey of a bathroom

It's a very hard journey, the one taken to get a good looking bathroom :P
I have a weak spot when it comes to good bathrooms, the first thing I look at in new homes or hotel rooms is the bathroom. There is no rule to what makes a bathroom a good one for me, it's just a feeling I get. But some good points to consider are:
- Good natural light .
- Great shower head.
- Enough space for some decorative touches.
- Nice color theme.

My new bathroom has a good light natural and artificial.. And that's it lol

My precious mom convinced me that since it's gonna be my home for life inshalla I might as well have a good one, something that I would like every bit of it. And I think she has ulterior motive, she doesn't want me to move out anywhere in the near future, because working on that seems to take forever..! Ok I just started today but it feels like it's gonna take forever.

So I am aiming for a few things to do in my new place inshalla..
I need white tiles ( I read in many blogs they are called subway tiles) , a sink with a cabinet , and halfway painted walls ( with no tiles on that , it's not a big hit in this country to have non tiled walls in a bathroom)

All white bathrooms makes it easy to change your mind about which color you want in there, which I do a lot..!
And painted walls make the change easier and more dramatic , just paint over with a new color.
The cabinet helps make the place look better and make me have extra storage space, much needed in my small yet cozy place. I got one from Ikea, love everything about it mashalla.

So in other words I wish I can change this..( girl not included in the change, I wouldn't wanna change anything in her perfect little girliness mashalla )

To something like this... pic taken from a nice blog by the name posy check the rest of her room, amazing mashalla..!

Wish me luck I am about to panic lol.. But the good thing in all this? I am learning to be more patient.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

on picking a color..

Or on settling for just one color is more like it ! I have a strong love to colors, since I love almost all the colors in the world.. So picking one color ( per room of course) is hell to me..

In my past houses ( yes I moved A LOT ) I used most colors you can - or can't - think of.. Greens, blues, red , brown , orange , yellow , pink , purples .. just name it..

So now in my final house - please I want to settle down :P - I am not sure which colors to pick.. I know I can always repaint in a year or so ( or even less ) but the first color will always be the special one..

So far I managed to feel good about the color of the living room, and my kid picked a very interesting -mommy like- color ( fuchsia and red with black !) and the last room is making me lose sleep..

It's my craft/soon to be also bedroom , and I can't settle on one color. Ok I know I want pink, but with what? orange would be too strong if i ever used it as a bedroom, blue will be in the living room, green i m bored of and red, well it will be used in my kid's room.

Anyways I still have a few days before deciding, and like I said I can always repaint.

So today I managed to do something in the house, I got my cousin to bring in the plumber and electrician to see about the work that need to be done, inshalla they will start Saturday yaaaaay..!

A step closer to moving in lol
Life is looking very rosy mashalla ;)
So here are some pictures taken from the net that I am thinking to use as color inspiration..

This nail polish is the color I want for the living room.. yummmm

Princess picked this room, she liked it the best

But I love this one better.. calm and cool..

What do u think?? ( sorry as usual I can't seem to remember where I took these pics from )