Saturday, March 13, 2010

The journey of a bathroom

It's a very hard journey, the one taken to get a good looking bathroom :P
I have a weak spot when it comes to good bathrooms, the first thing I look at in new homes or hotel rooms is the bathroom. There is no rule to what makes a bathroom a good one for me, it's just a feeling I get. But some good points to consider are:
- Good natural light .
- Great shower head.
- Enough space for some decorative touches.
- Nice color theme.

My new bathroom has a good light natural and artificial.. And that's it lol

My precious mom convinced me that since it's gonna be my home for life inshalla I might as well have a good one, something that I would like every bit of it. And I think she has ulterior motive, she doesn't want me to move out anywhere in the near future, because working on that seems to take forever..! Ok I just started today but it feels like it's gonna take forever.

So I am aiming for a few things to do in my new place inshalla..
I need white tiles ( I read in many blogs they are called subway tiles) , a sink with a cabinet , and halfway painted walls ( with no tiles on that , it's not a big hit in this country to have non tiled walls in a bathroom)

All white bathrooms makes it easy to change your mind about which color you want in there, which I do a lot..!
And painted walls make the change easier and more dramatic , just paint over with a new color.
The cabinet helps make the place look better and make me have extra storage space, much needed in my small yet cozy place. I got one from Ikea, love everything about it mashalla.

So in other words I wish I can change this..( girl not included in the change, I wouldn't wanna change anything in her perfect little girliness mashalla )

To something like this... pic taken from a nice blog by the name posy check the rest of her room, amazing mashalla..!

Wish me luck I am about to panic lol.. But the good thing in all this? I am learning to be more patient.

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