Wednesday, March 10, 2010

on picking a color..

Or on settling for just one color is more like it ! I have a strong love to colors, since I love almost all the colors in the world.. So picking one color ( per room of course) is hell to me..

In my past houses ( yes I moved A LOT ) I used most colors you can - or can't - think of.. Greens, blues, red , brown , orange , yellow , pink , purples .. just name it..

So now in my final house - please I want to settle down :P - I am not sure which colors to pick.. I know I can always repaint in a year or so ( or even less ) but the first color will always be the special one..

So far I managed to feel good about the color of the living room, and my kid picked a very interesting -mommy like- color ( fuchsia and red with black !) and the last room is making me lose sleep..

It's my craft/soon to be also bedroom , and I can't settle on one color. Ok I know I want pink, but with what? orange would be too strong if i ever used it as a bedroom, blue will be in the living room, green i m bored of and red, well it will be used in my kid's room.

Anyways I still have a few days before deciding, and like I said I can always repaint.

So today I managed to do something in the house, I got my cousin to bring in the plumber and electrician to see about the work that need to be done, inshalla they will start Saturday yaaaaay..!

A step closer to moving in lol
Life is looking very rosy mashalla ;)
So here are some pictures taken from the net that I am thinking to use as color inspiration..

This nail polish is the color I want for the living room.. yummmm

Princess picked this room, she liked it the best

But I love this one better.. calm and cool..

What do u think?? ( sorry as usual I can't seem to remember where I took these pics from )

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