Saturday, March 27, 2010

On this mother's day...

My baby surprised us at the house with a very cute and dear to my heart celebration..

Mashalla she planned a small party with what she can get at home, the family maids helped her with a cake mix, a candle and an old toy juice dispenser that we never really tried using before.

They even made the sign for her, but it was all her idea. we really got surprised, she served all of us mashalla like a great hostess :)

I'm so proud of her, and really blessed to be her mom.

The house news? well I just finished working on the redecorating projects. and even painted the walls, which mashalla turned out good, and today mom got me the air conditions split units and the rest of the electrical machines.. God help newly weds....! prices are getting really high..!
Anyways they will deliver them inshalla next Saturday.

And I am not sure whether to post 0apicture of the new bathroom now or after decorating it for more effect.. I'll think more about it ;

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Emel said...

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