Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Making life a bit easier

We live on the second floor, but we have an elevator. I know second floor isn't very high to need one, but I am being lazy and enjoy my rides in it. But lately it has been out of service , and we are using the stairs - like normal people - which is hard on the knees going up and down with a school bag! (ok I am lazy and spoiled :P )

So my mom god bless her, came up with this very nice plan to easily move the bag - or grocery or anything else - up and down..
I introduce.... Ummm ok I don't know what is it called lol so I'll show you the pictures.!

Like our driver said -he drilled the holes, it was too far for me - it's like bringing water from the well :P

And can you tell the kiddo loves it??

A bit hard on the hands, but easy on the knees and back.. Thanks mom we love you :X

Did I mention I love tin boxes? or buckets or containers in general? I found something that I really loved some time ago in a container store, but I didn't buy it till a couple of days ago..

Now i have what i really needed for a long time; a place to put my laundry detergent.. :P don't we all need one?but seriously I need to work on decorating my laundry area. pics when done inshallah.
And speaking of needs.. I need this beauty.. in pink please.!

I've seen it before on the net, never in real life before, and I will not rest till I find where it is sold and how much is it and do they stock the pink ones?! I saw this one in Ikea showroom, maybe I should ask them first..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nothing new is done ..

And yet I don't feel like staying a long time away from posting like I did before.
I have no news, nothing much to share, life is a bit of the same everyday, waking up early, getting ready for school, sleeping again, then attempting to find something to do ( actually I have lots to do but I don't have the motivation ) start lunch , welcome the kiddo, eat, study, try to find her something to do ( same case as above :P ) eat dinner, get ready for bed and sleep.. she at 8 me at 9 thirty.. most days at least.

So as you can see we have a somehow slow routine. In between I might go out to get something or to go to the dentist, and weekends are spent with mom maybe going out to dinner once.
Not that I am complaining 7amdilla it's a good life, but I just wish I had more energy to achieve more decorating or crafting around the house.

Plus the gym I so want to go to.. Inshalla soon.
Anyways I have a few things on my mind that i want to maybe start this week, wish me luck.

Oh yah, I managed to fix my bedroom curtain, no pic though since I already had 3 of those on previous posts lol , you can imagine the outcome, it's longer now with pink polka dot fabric at the hem. and I like it better :)

Since I have to have a pic on my posts I will leave you with some inspirations from the net..

Those are probably going to be my next projects inshallah ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ball of roses

I've seen them all over the net, and liked the look very much, I even thought of making me one since it is very easy to make, but I never did.
So when I saw these in my favorite gifts and party shop ( meshwar) I just had to get one.. or two ;)

They were  25 ryals each, fake roses but looks very real, they had many colors but I chose the pink ones and hung one on each side of the living room curtain.

Love the look..:)
Mom came to stay the night on Thursday, and she had an idea about my new look for the bedroom, she thought the blue on the bed cover made the curtain fabric look very pale, so she suggested I flip the cover over to the polka dot pink side , which I tried, and I think it made the curtains seem fresher, But I love the blue side..so what do you think?

Blue side:

Or pink side:

tell me your thoughts. ( and ignore the messy look on the second pic, and the fact that I can't get a realistic looking pic in this room :P )

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come have teacupcake with me :D

Last night I had my dear friend angel eyes visiting , we watched a scary movie, ( haunting in connecticut) and enjoyed a bit of conversation and a cup of teacupcake.. Ok so that is what they call it, I got it from Virgin while I was in Cairo, and I was just waiting for the right time till I can try it.. And yesterday it was that day.

It's a silicone cupcake mold that comes in the form of a tea cup, it's so cute and girly, and comes in a set of four in a box.

We haven't made cupcakes in a long time, so we enjoyed this process the kiddo and I , while really admiring the pink color and the sweet smell of strawberry. And yes I used a ready cake mix for my cupcakes :P

While I was in the guest mood, i used my new serving plates, filled them with crackers and salty treats, I felt happy playing house with my dear friend.. lol .

Can you spot the clock I hanged on the wall behind the seat? it was from my old craft room and I just used an already there nail to hang it from. I might change it's place in the near future but this will be good for now.

I love having my home, and people to visit me again :D 7amdilla
Have a nice weekend.

P.s : the movie was a bit weird, I didn't like it much :P

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love my bedroom

The best thing I love about it , is that it's mine..
I know you would think the whole house is mine..! and you are right ( hehehe ) but still there is something very special about having your own bed to sleep on , alone.. your own pillows and cover.. your own choice for colors.

When I first thought about decorating my bedroom I chose the colors pink and orange. I thought a lot about that choice, since it is my bedroom and crafting room I wanted the colors to be both relaxing and energizing.
I found a good start in Ikea, the curtain fabric. which I loved against the pink walls. But when I started accessorizing the room, that's when I questioned my choices.

You see , some time ago I used to love bold , dark shocking colors. I used orange and yellow and turquoise on my walls before, and despite the shock on people's faces ( or because of it :P ) I always thought that those are the best color choices. But somehow, I ended up feeling a great love for pastel , soft colors, with lots of whites..

And that made me rethink the bedroom...!
It was kept nearly last in decorating since I had priorities. But now I just had to do something about the orange..!
I am officially back to my cottagy theme that I carried in the living area. and more of my pinks , girly floral stuff.. Yaaay I feel much better :D

The curtains ( which are just up there to check my likings to them ) had a history, I got them while I was married and used them as a sofa covers in my craft room. They are originally duvet covers from BHS on discount. They are a bit short so I am thinking between cutting them till the window bottom, or adding to them so they would reach the floors.

The duvet cover is actually two different bed sheets I got some time ago, one blue floral, the other is pink polka dots ( my favorite.. yumm ) I just sewed them together and used my old Ikea "duvet" ( or is it comforter?? I dunno )

So the room is far from done, but so far I am enjoying it more. Even the kiddo thinks so .. So what do you think? ;)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

OMG.. Is that Laura Ashley??

That was my friend's and my reaction while we were walking in Seef mall in Bahrain last Thursday.. We went there for the weekend and was already enjoying each other's company ( we were six females, three friends, mom the kiddo and I ) when we got super excited by seeing the shop..

Laura Ashley's shop closed some time ago in Saudi Arabia , we used to love it, getting a lot of expensive yet nice stuff from there, and I wanted to have it there for me when I started planing my new place. That and Cath kidston.. But neither was available.

We went into the shop oohing and aahhing at everything, wanting to buy the whole place, but ehim, it's not that affordable.. :P but we took pleasure in strolling in there, and getting ideas and buying small stuff. well not too small, I got a roll of wallpaper to do my screen project, and a wall hanging saying home sweet home..( but it wasn't on sale, this is a pic from the net)

And I am planning on going there inshalla again and buying more things lol.

While my friends were staying the night at mom's I managed to do a mini project..

Love how it turned out so blingy ;) even though it doesn't show that well in the picture.. hmmmm. but trust me it is shiny and cute. I still need to change the background of the clock , I am not fond of the hello kitty picture that much.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More new home touches

I spent the last few days on my sewing machine ( which I forgot about for a while ) trying to finish all the cushion covers I was planning on.. as u may remember I have all white sofas ( which gets dirty very easily :P ) and I wanted to add some colors through those cushions.

I will be expecting some friends to stay over for a few days ,and what better time than now to actually do that project I have been prepared for since 3 months ago !:P
It took me some time and a lot of energy and mess to get this look...

The two larger ones were the hardest , since it was my first attempt to sew ruffles and get a clean look for my cushion cover, I usually sew two squares together and just change them permanently when I am bored with them ( which happens a lot ) but this time I made it as a cover with an opening at the back,and ironed it really well on each and every step.. Impressive lol
 I used some weird sources for fabric, a few Cath Kidston kitchen towels mom got me from the UK , a few Cath Kidston fabric,same source not same trip , a pillow case (the sheet is being used in the laundry room as a curtain to seperate it from the guest toilet) ,an old pyjama top and a sheet of fabric with hat petterns printed on it which I got some time ago..plus the obvious dotty fabric from my lovely stash..

I also did two more, forgot to take pictures of. oh well next time inshallah .
I am happy these days , since it became autumn (in theory only it's still hot in here ) the sun is visiting me more than before, for a longer time.I love the sun, I just hope my candles won't melt lol.

I also -finally- arranged my much adored collection of my gray furry best friend (Tatty teddy ) I added a few new ones and I am still wanting more... Oh the happiness I get by looking at that face ..sigh .! :P

That's all for now, my friends inshallah will be arriving in the weekend and I can't wait to show them my new place :D
Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I haven't realised how long it has been since I last posted here, for such a long time this blog has been my way of feeling I am still alive, doing things and talking about them ,like I was proving my existence in this life..
And now that I am feeling alive with no need to prove anything it seems that I neglected my loved blog, which is not a good thing to do. I always enjoyed writing, and keeping diaries, and I think I shouldn't stop doing so ,good or bad, it's nice to keep writing it.. One day in the future I will go back and read my thoughts , dreams and fears of today and I might learn something from them.

So nearly two months,hmmmm... Such a lazy blogger !
But I am here now and I have lots of things to share.

Ramadan this year was very nice in my new place,we decorated the living room and I didn't cook the usual food associated with the month,and I didn't eat out much,so for the first time in I can't remember how long ( if ever ) I didn't gain weight! yaaay ! I actually lost one kilo which is great knowing my record of Ramadan gaining :P

Eid was a bit sad, my little girl went with her dad to Jeddah for eid and I felt a bit lonely without her,I didn't even put the usual eid decoration . but I got some cool gifts that I liked a lot, thank you dear family,I love you.

on the third day mom and I travelled to Egypt for a 12 day vacation. we had loads of good time between Cairo and Sharm el sheikh. And even though it was very hot in Sharm, and I fell a bit sick in Cairo , I still enjoyed myself. I met with my high school best friend there, and we had so much fun catching up and doing some adventures lol I will treasure the memories for ever, love u sous.. :X

The new place is still coming on well mashallah, I am always adding little touches here and there, and still have many more to achieve on my to-do list .But that is the beauty of owning your place, you don't have a time limit before you move again lol which as you know I did a lot of in my life so far.
So I will leave you with a few of before and after pics, more to come soon inshalla.

My little girl is in second grade now, she is in a new school near the house, and going to it in a bus for the first time, I was scared in the first few days, but then I got used to the idea, it's very close by so she doesn't move much in it,and it's a small bus and the supervising lady seems good. I was actually surprised by how fast my kiddo adjusted to the new school mashallah, so unlike her mom lol.

I am doing lots of fixing in my much neglected teeth, I had tons of have-to-fix things and it's a good thing that I decided to start doing them now, better late than never I guess..! But turns out I am not the scary cat I thought I was,I am doing great so far mashallah.. Hope to continue that..

So I guess that's all for now, see you next year..lol kidding..I hope..! :P