Saturday, October 09, 2010

OMG.. Is that Laura Ashley??

That was my friend's and my reaction while we were walking in Seef mall in Bahrain last Thursday.. We went there for the weekend and was already enjoying each other's company ( we were six females, three friends, mom the kiddo and I ) when we got super excited by seeing the shop..

Laura Ashley's shop closed some time ago in Saudi Arabia , we used to love it, getting a lot of expensive yet nice stuff from there, and I wanted to have it there for me when I started planing my new place. That and Cath kidston.. But neither was available.

We went into the shop oohing and aahhing at everything, wanting to buy the whole place, but ehim, it's not that affordable.. :P but we took pleasure in strolling in there, and getting ideas and buying small stuff. well not too small, I got a roll of wallpaper to do my screen project, and a wall hanging saying home sweet home..( but it wasn't on sale, this is a pic from the net)

And I am planning on going there inshalla again and buying more things lol.

While my friends were staying the night at mom's I managed to do a mini project..

Love how it turned out so blingy ;) even though it doesn't show that well in the picture.. hmmmm. but trust me it is shiny and cute. I still need to change the background of the clock , I am not fond of the hello kitty picture that much.

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