Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I haven't realised how long it has been since I last posted here, for such a long time this blog has been my way of feeling I am still alive, doing things and talking about them ,like I was proving my existence in this life..
And now that I am feeling alive with no need to prove anything it seems that I neglected my loved blog, which is not a good thing to do. I always enjoyed writing, and keeping diaries, and I think I shouldn't stop doing so ,good or bad, it's nice to keep writing it.. One day in the future I will go back and read my thoughts , dreams and fears of today and I might learn something from them.

So nearly two months,hmmmm... Such a lazy blogger !
But I am here now and I have lots of things to share.

Ramadan this year was very nice in my new place,we decorated the living room and I didn't cook the usual food associated with the month,and I didn't eat out much,so for the first time in I can't remember how long ( if ever ) I didn't gain weight! yaaay ! I actually lost one kilo which is great knowing my record of Ramadan gaining :P

Eid was a bit sad, my little girl went with her dad to Jeddah for eid and I felt a bit lonely without her,I didn't even put the usual eid decoration . but I got some cool gifts that I liked a lot, thank you dear family,I love you.

on the third day mom and I travelled to Egypt for a 12 day vacation. we had loads of good time between Cairo and Sharm el sheikh. And even though it was very hot in Sharm, and I fell a bit sick in Cairo , I still enjoyed myself. I met with my high school best friend there, and we had so much fun catching up and doing some adventures lol I will treasure the memories for ever, love u sous.. :X

The new place is still coming on well mashallah, I am always adding little touches here and there, and still have many more to achieve on my to-do list .But that is the beauty of owning your place, you don't have a time limit before you move again lol which as you know I did a lot of in my life so far.
So I will leave you with a few of before and after pics, more to come soon inshalla.

My little girl is in second grade now, she is in a new school near the house, and going to it in a bus for the first time, I was scared in the first few days, but then I got used to the idea, it's very close by so she doesn't move much in it,and it's a small bus and the supervising lady seems good. I was actually surprised by how fast my kiddo adjusted to the new school mashallah, so unlike her mom lol.

I am doing lots of fixing in my much neglected teeth, I had tons of have-to-fix things and it's a good thing that I decided to start doing them now, better late than never I guess..! But turns out I am not the scary cat I thought I was,I am doing great so far mashallah.. Hope to continue that..

So I guess that's all for now, see you next year..lol kidding..I hope..! :P

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