Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love my bedroom

The best thing I love about it , is that it's mine..
I know you would think the whole house is mine..! and you are right ( hehehe ) but still there is something very special about having your own bed to sleep on , alone.. your own pillows and cover.. your own choice for colors.

When I first thought about decorating my bedroom I chose the colors pink and orange. I thought a lot about that choice, since it is my bedroom and crafting room I wanted the colors to be both relaxing and energizing.
I found a good start in Ikea, the curtain fabric. which I loved against the pink walls. But when I started accessorizing the room, that's when I questioned my choices.

You see , some time ago I used to love bold , dark shocking colors. I used orange and yellow and turquoise on my walls before, and despite the shock on people's faces ( or because of it :P ) I always thought that those are the best color choices. But somehow, I ended up feeling a great love for pastel , soft colors, with lots of whites..

And that made me rethink the bedroom...!
It was kept nearly last in decorating since I had priorities. But now I just had to do something about the orange..!
I am officially back to my cottagy theme that I carried in the living area. and more of my pinks , girly floral stuff.. Yaaay I feel much better :D

The curtains ( which are just up there to check my likings to them ) had a history, I got them while I was married and used them as a sofa covers in my craft room. They are originally duvet covers from BHS on discount. They are a bit short so I am thinking between cutting them till the window bottom, or adding to them so they would reach the floors.

The duvet cover is actually two different bed sheets I got some time ago, one blue floral, the other is pink polka dots ( my favorite.. yumm ) I just sewed them together and used my old Ikea "duvet" ( or is it comforter?? I dunno )

So the room is far from done, but so far I am enjoying it more. Even the kiddo thinks so .. So what do you think? ;)

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