Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ball of roses

I've seen them all over the net, and liked the look very much, I even thought of making me one since it is very easy to make, but I never did.
So when I saw these in my favorite gifts and party shop ( meshwar) I just had to get one.. or two ;)

They were  25 ryals each, fake roses but looks very real, they had many colors but I chose the pink ones and hung one on each side of the living room curtain.

Love the look..:)
Mom came to stay the night on Thursday, and she had an idea about my new look for the bedroom, she thought the blue on the bed cover made the curtain fabric look very pale, so she suggested I flip the cover over to the polka dot pink side , which I tried, and I think it made the curtains seem fresher, But I love the blue what do you think?

Blue side:

Or pink side:

tell me your thoughts. ( and ignore the messy look on the second pic, and the fact that I can't get a realistic looking pic in this room :P )


Anonymous said...

never mind ;p

nice flower it's look like so real and i like the blue one too.


lena tawfiq said...

like both but the pink was nicer ... lol .... love pink

lena tawfiq said...
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