Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Making life a bit easier

We live on the second floor, but we have an elevator. I know second floor isn't very high to need one, but I am being lazy and enjoy my rides in it. But lately it has been out of service , and we are using the stairs - like normal people - which is hard on the knees going up and down with a school bag! (ok I am lazy and spoiled :P )

So my mom god bless her, came up with this very nice plan to easily move the bag - or grocery or anything else - up and down..
I introduce.... Ummm ok I don't know what is it called lol so I'll show you the pictures.!

Like our driver said -he drilled the holes, it was too far for me - it's like bringing water from the well :P

And can you tell the kiddo loves it??

A bit hard on the hands, but easy on the knees and back.. Thanks mom we love you :X

Did I mention I love tin boxes? or buckets or containers in general? I found something that I really loved some time ago in a container store, but I didn't buy it till a couple of days ago..

Now i have what i really needed for a long time; a place to put my laundry detergent.. :P don't we all need one?but seriously I need to work on decorating my laundry area. pics when done inshallah.
And speaking of needs.. I need this beauty.. in pink please.!

I've seen it before on the net, never in real life before, and I will not rest till I find where it is sold and how much is it and do they stock the pink ones?! I saw this one in Ikea showroom, maybe I should ask them first..

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