Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Love Cath Kidston...! and other things.

I came back from an 8 days trip to England, the main reason for it was to attend my sister's wedding, the other reason was to visit a Cath Kidston shop...kidding lol :P

The wedding was so lovely mashallah, the couple looked great and I wish them happiness from all my heart. The whole atmosphere was very friendly and joyfull , we had a great time and made new friends.. I am so glad I could make it.

It was cold but I was stronger than I feared and took it well,I even enjoyed it!.. After a three days stay for the wedding with my family, we went to London to have a 4 day sight seeing , shopping and friend-meeting vacation.
I met my friend who went to live there a year ago with her family and had a great time, and mom's friend came and stayed with us for a while.

And we come to the best thing in my trip... CATH KIDSTON....yaaay !!
I was dreaming a lot of visiting a shop, and buying one of each of thier good things ... I got many things but not as much as I hoped for... I will have to go again and again inshallah...

So that's all for now, I'll have to comeback with more pictures after I put what I bought in the right places, but here is a glimpse, I got those from London after admiring them online for some time ;)
Have a nice week.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A new adventure

Ok so I guess I will have to stop making excuses for not posting , since it looks like it's gonna become a habit, and I don't really have any excuse !

Lately I have been in a hibernation kind of mood, it's getting a bit colder ( as cold as it gets in my part of earth!) and my body is slowing down.
We have been busy preparing for our trip to England to attend my sister's wedding inshallah, I feel so excited and yet a lot worried. It's very cold there I fear for the kiddo who has been ill for the last few weeks, and for myself since my body hasn't been functioning well lately!
Plus of course having to wear tons of clothes which will make breathing harder and moving a challenge.. :P

But it has been a long time since I last went there, 10 years to be precise , when I went to buy my wedding dress. And now I am going for another wedding , my lovely sister.. I wish it will be a great day and that she will have a great life with her love.

I will also be meeting my friend who went there a year ago with her family, so I am excited about that, I missed her and my other friend who is in Canada now, hope to be together again for ladies night out like the old days.

So tomorrow night inshallah we will be off to England, hope the weather will be gentle on us and hope my body will be good to me ;)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Screening my place

My place is lovely mashallah and I am mad about it.. But, It has no entrance.. you walk in the door straight to the living room.. And I mean straight..!

So being the privacy freak I am , plus it is important to be covered from the outer world, I had many ideas to have a barrier next to the door separating it from the living room, even if partially.
But the room is already smallish and every clever thought I had meant taking from the space, and I love to have space.

So mom suggested I use one of her divider screens, she had them from long time ago and is being used once a week.I agreed for sure, because I already looked hard for good screens and I couldn't find, and I needed to separate the areas now with what I got till I find a better one. The problem is it looks bland.

So i managed to make it more me using a roll of wall paper I got from Laura Ashley while in Bahrain.. I think it looks much better.

At least we don't have to move every time we have to open the door :P
Our neighbor bought a small bunny, and my little princess fell in love with it, they came visiting one day and I couldn't resist taking pictures...

Hope you have a good week.

Saturday, January 01, 2011



It's the year of the cat.. Or so I heard.!I am going to make this year my year inshallah, no that doesn't mean I will be the cat :P
I ended last year with positive thoughts, and 7amdilla woke up to the new year with happy feelings. I have to try doing that more often, daily maybe ;)

So 2010 wasn't that good with me , thanks to Allah in all ways, so I'm hoping 2011 would treat me better, and I'll do my best to attract good things to me, but the main thing I'll try to rediscover myself again.

Somehow along the way I lost myself, if I ever really knew me to begin with.. But I am seriously willing to meet me, the real me, and get aquainted with my true self.
To know who I am, what I  like, where i want to go.. that is going to be one big adventure.. One I am willing and eager to take.

So like every new year I have hopes and dreams, they were usually one of three things that don't change : find a loving man, be a mom and get thin.
I thought I got them all at one point , and then lost some. And thanks to Allah that I have one of those, I won't trade my motherhood with anything.
This year I will not wish for the man, or the weight loss.. I wish to love and accept and discover me.. and if those two came along I won't say no to that lol

So hope everyone in this life get what they want, and that 2011 be a happy year to all.