Saturday, January 01, 2011



It's the year of the cat.. Or so I heard.!I am going to make this year my year inshallah, no that doesn't mean I will be the cat :P
I ended last year with positive thoughts, and 7amdilla woke up to the new year with happy feelings. I have to try doing that more often, daily maybe ;)

So 2010 wasn't that good with me , thanks to Allah in all ways, so I'm hoping 2011 would treat me better, and I'll do my best to attract good things to me, but the main thing I'll try to rediscover myself again.

Somehow along the way I lost myself, if I ever really knew me to begin with.. But I am seriously willing to meet me, the real me, and get aquainted with my true self.
To know who I am, what I  like, where i want to go.. that is going to be one big adventure.. One I am willing and eager to take.

So like every new year I have hopes and dreams, they were usually one of three things that don't change : find a loving man, be a mom and get thin.
I thought I got them all at one point , and then lost some. And thanks to Allah that I have one of those, I won't trade my motherhood with anything.
This year I will not wish for the man, or the weight loss.. I wish to love and accept and discover me.. and if those two came along I won't say no to that lol

So hope everyone in this life get what they want, and that 2011 be a happy year to all.

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