Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well less than a month of no posts, phew not bad !
It was a somehow strange month, I fell sick right after the kiddo's B-day and stayed sick ( flew and coughing) for nearly the whole Eid vacation, then back to school routine came to us, and I had a rootcanal, then my mom fell and hurt her ankle, got into ER the next week and stayed in for the night then her uncle passed away..!
talk about being busy..

We are all well now 7amdillah, except for my great uncle may he rest in peace( Allah yir7amu) , it was a sad news but we felt that inshallah he will be in a better place since he was very sick and old. He was a great guy , his youngest is my age and I was always at their house playing while we were growing, I haven't seen him in many years, and I regret that, but I will always love him and remember how good he was with me and my mom.

So the whole family are in Jeddah now for the funeral, I stayed back for the schools and to check on my grandfather from time to time. Today I took the kiddo to Ikea, and guess what we ended up with sitting in our living room for the moment..

We always liked and wanted that , but it was very pricey.. Look how low it got now in the as-is section ..

I know, still pricey, and there is no room for it in her room currently, but it was too good a deal to ignore, and she is a girly girl who needs such a piece, so we will find a way to squeese it in inshallah :P

I talked sometime ago about the project I was working on, it's still not finished, but I will share a glimse with you, since i don't really know when it will finish, I am going to start working on the kiddo's room now..I hope she is settled on the theme now..!

So till next time, take care :)

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