Monday, June 29, 2009

A messy work place..

Means a happy heart...
At least that's how I see it when I am working with my papers and glues..

But in reality, I want a bigger working space, I am being cramped in the corner of the room with all my stuff, and the stuff that my lovely kid stuff in my face..! or on my table , which is already small for my things.. I need light too, my over hear florescent light is blinking and I have no natural lighting in the room.. Not even a nice view to look at..

I tried working for a while in my kid's room, where there is a good view -somehow- and some natural day light.. But it's hard when all my things are in the other room and my kid is the boss of her room..! I have no idea who this girl is resembling :P

Anyways, inshallah one of these days I will probably replace the mirrored windows and get me some good old sun light, where I can work more creatively.. I need the sunnnnnn ( all while I have a good air conditioned cool room :P )

So I finally got a new album in my shop, check it out :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bahrain trip..

We went to Bahrain for two days and one night this weekend, it's a great trip because we spend the night at a hotel, watch movies in the cinema and get to go to my favorite scrapbooking store.. :P

So this time I got a few good things, I know I said I won't buy new materials till I finish with the old ones I already have, or at least till I sell a few things, but honestly I couldn't lol.. I tried to only get the basic things that I can use over and over to produce more projects.. I said I tried ..!

They were having a some kind of a insect gallery or whatever it is called in city center, mom and the kid went there while I watched a very nice movie "the proposal" and as what usually happens in a romantic comedy movies, I laughed, I cried and I got depressed afterwords lol.. Well what can I say I love those movies :P

And this time the little one got to use the swimming pool at the hotel.. The kiddy pool.. I looked all over the seef mall for that swim suit, the one that covers a lot of skin, it was very hard to find one, it seems these days most swim suits are two pieces bikini ones, I don't like those in general, but I got her a one piece suit with ponies on it for when she swims at home..

So another weekend is gone, now back to doing more selling stuff to fill my shop ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another book

I just updated my blog/shop with a new baby boy album.. It's taking me a long time to finish an album , although if I really sat there to work on it in quiet well lit room ( unlike the gloomy dark room filled with sounds of cartoons or Hanna Montana songs! ) I could finish it in less than a day..

I think it is really hard working with this right beside me singing in my ears...

Although I love being with her, since she is always sitting under my table working with her stuff, she keeps giving me handmade gifts and cards I will soon run out of room for them all lol..

So life is good when I can work with my stuff.. I am finding it hard to use my things without buying new ones , but i have to , and inshallah one day I will be able to go to Dubai again and get me some new stamps and punches and papers and make more stuff.. Or I can learn how to get things online :P

So check my shop.. ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Is the title of my new finished project.. Remember the BABY word book? Well I told you I made it being inspired by a ready bought word book that spelled LOVE, which I couldn't use in fear of not being able to get another one, guess what? I still haven't used it lol But I used it as a template to try another material for the body of the book, I found in Zamil where the scrapbooking section is some heavy weight cardboard, I think they are what you find in a pack of papers giving it weight.. ( Hope you are able to get what I mean :P ) So I got me a few of those and tried cutting them ( They cut nicely ) and here what I got..
The one bellow is the one I cut it

And then I decorated it to be a picture album, just waiting for it's owner to add the pictures

You can check out the inside of the album on my new blog/shop where I will be putting anything I make that is for sale .. It's still empty now but every now and then I will be adding new stuff so make sure you visit it again :)

By the way, did you notice a difference in the quality of the pictures in my last two posts? I finally got my camera charged and ready again, now it's always in my bag..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My lovely kid

I don't know what happened from the day of her graduation, but my baby girl is her usual self again, she is less cranky, less nagging and more relaxed mashallah.. Honestly I don't care what's have been done or said to make her like that again, I am just happy to have her back , even if for a short time, we are enjoying each other again with a less stressed days now that her summer vacation has started.

Isn't my sleeping angel so adorable mashallah ? ( I'm her mom what did you think I would say? :P )

So yesterday mom got her a mini kiddy swimming pool to play in, it turned out to be so mini we need a bigger one lol , but she was enjoying it so much believing that she is really swimming, I so need to take her to swimming lessons, I don't want my kid to grow up unable to swim..

She is becoming more and more talented mashallah in her drawing, she gets very creative with her colors , today she wanted to prove she can draw as well as those she saw in her new magazine...

So she came up with these...

I'm so proud of her mashallah.. And happy that she is happy again.. May Allah keep her always happy and relaxed.

As for me, I am starting a new crafting project, but more on that next time inshallah.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A very emotional - and very very hot ! - day

Today was a very hot summer day.. I mean very hot and that includes the insides too, since my room ac needs fixing , and we went to the little princess school for her graduation from kindergarten, and it was so hot there people were melting..!

But it was a very emotional time for me, and my mom and of course the graduate.. I never thought I would feel this way, I was already in a down mood and even thought for a while that I didn't want to go to her party, what's the big deal of graduating from kg 2 or 3, right? Well I was wrong and I am really glad I didn't listen to my depressed mood.

From the moment I walked in the tent/stage and they were putting a song about graduation and a slide show of all their pictures, I started crying like a baby.. people around must have thought I was crazy if it wasn't for the fact that we were all mom's who were proud of our little ones.. And she is my only one.. Allah yi7meeha.

The songs they sang, the happy proud look on her little face when she did her parts well and heard the mother's clapping, the look in her eyes that sparkled when she saw me as soon as she entered the stage and wanted to show me her freinds.. All were priceless.. I wouldn't miss them for anything in the world..

After that came the graduation ceremony with cabs, robes and rolled diplomas.. That was when I really cried again.. And by then all mom's were near the stage hugging and cheering for their little ones.. And I just remembered what she looked like on her first day of school, and cried more..

But those are tears of joy 7amdillah, and I liked shedding them , as much as I liked all the hugs and kisses I got and gave to my kid and mom.. We were a very happy three women..

So after that I took a chance of taking pictures of some of her close friends on stage..

And they gave us this picture framed as a gift..

I love it so much but until I figure out my scanner again , I had to post it anyways so I took a picture of it from my mobile.. Next post will be the scanned picture inshallah..

So I would like to thank everyone who made the party so cute, and our friends for coming and cheering with us for our little princesses.. And to other mom's who have little graduates I say congrats.. May we see them graduating from the university.. then I will be needing a whole tissue box :)

I love you my precious princess.. :x

Monday, June 08, 2009

Still here

Hi , it's been a while..
I had and still have nothing much to talk about. Or maybe I do have lot's of things on my mind that I wish I can work out, and that's what making me not willing to share with the world.

Lately I have been dealing with a very troubled daughter, she is becoming more tense, aggressive and very cranky and moody. She nags a lot, she defies everyone all the time and she is always on the verge of tears and screams.. She was never like this.. Yes she has always been a hard kid at times but never to this extreme..

I know she is going through a lot.. After a year of living apart it is just coming to her sences that we r going to be apart for ever. and that to her meant that one of us is no longer gonna be her parent. Her dad is remarrying and she is being confused by that.. Thinking sometimes that I will no longer be her mom , and other times that she wishes that her stop mom can be her mom , just so that she can have the family life she wishes for.

No one said divorce was going to be easy, not on me or on her.. especially her.. I know, I've been there before.. As a mater of fact sometimes I still feel some complexes from my own parent's divorce.. Which unlike her's happened before I can even have a memory of a happy life with both my parents in the same house. I know it must be harder on her.

What she is going through makes me feel many emotions, sadness, guilt, anger and helplessness.. I know I am the grownup and should be there for her, happy and strong and reassuring, but I am finding it really hard to do so all the time.. Or even most of the times.. I feel emotionally drained and tired...

But life goes on.. things will work out for the best inshallah, she is young and she will -hopefully- get over it.. She is not me, her dad is not mine and her situation is unlike what I lived through.. So I can't predict what she will be like as a grown up, or how much this will effect her personality.. But I keep wishing for the best inshallah.

So in the middle of all these feelings I have no energy left in me to create.. I try to busy myself with some entertaining things , like reading and playing games on the net ( yes imagine that! me , play games :P) But like always , I keep hearing the pleading of creativity inside of me wanting to be out.. Soon my dear..

Ok for someone who doesn't want to share I sure talked a
But hey, that was only one of the things on my mind, the biggest , most prominent thought, but only one of them..

Next time inshallah I might have something crafty to share.. till then wish everyone a sweet life..
And hey, watch Wolverine, it is a great movie with a capital G !!