Friday, June 26, 2009

Bahrain trip..

We went to Bahrain for two days and one night this weekend, it's a great trip because we spend the night at a hotel, watch movies in the cinema and get to go to my favorite scrapbooking store.. :P

So this time I got a few good things, I know I said I won't buy new materials till I finish with the old ones I already have, or at least till I sell a few things, but honestly I couldn't lol.. I tried to only get the basic things that I can use over and over to produce more projects.. I said I tried ..!

They were having a some kind of a insect gallery or whatever it is called in city center, mom and the kid went there while I watched a very nice movie "the proposal" and as what usually happens in a romantic comedy movies, I laughed, I cried and I got depressed afterwords lol.. Well what can I say I love those movies :P

And this time the little one got to use the swimming pool at the hotel.. The kiddy pool.. I looked all over the seef mall for that swim suit, the one that covers a lot of skin, it was very hard to find one, it seems these days most swim suits are two pieces bikini ones, I don't like those in general, but I got her a one piece suit with ponies on it for when she swims at home..

So another weekend is gone, now back to doing more selling stuff to fill my shop ;)

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